Wever & Ducre

The Wever & Ducre Story

While famously known for waffles and chocolate, Belgium is also a country with undeniable inner values. This is beautifully translated into Wever & Ducre’s designs, allowing them to take a calculated yet artful approach to lighting. The company began in the 1980s in Roeselare, Belgium, the heart of international design. That fortuitous background, combined with the desire to create functional, yet stylish designs, has launched them to success.

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Why We Love Wever & Ducre Lighting

Who doesn’t like beautiful things? When beauty is combined with functionality, something truly special is made. Wever & Ducre use a variety of materials and lighting options that bring a unique and eclectic feel to a space. Whether it’s delicate wire or metal-finished natural shale, the look is always fresh and industrial.

A Fun Fact About Wever & Ducre

In a country that uses so many languages (including Flemish, French, German and Dutch), how do you pick a name that suits all of them? This was the dilemma for Belgian company Wever & Ducre. Deciding to create something universal, they merged their values phonetically into the name itself: Hard work (WErklust), trust (VERtrouwen), enthusiasm (ENthousiasme), courage (DUrf), and creativity (CREativiteit). This name embodies all that they stand for as a designer lighting company.

Noteworthy Products From Wever & Ducre

The Wiro Diamond 3.0 Pendant artfully blends industrial and modern styles. Varnished steel wires explode outward, creating a clean, yet exciting look. Following a similar style with a whole new look is the Wiro 6.5m Pendant. This fixture features the same intriguing diamond pattern in the center, but with a clean, cylindrical body surrounding it. And the Rock 7.0 Floor Lamp merges the ideas of lighting and furniture into one fixture. Dark legs combine with metallized natural shale shades to create a truly industrial-looking piece.

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Wever & Ducre