The Cerno Story

Although officially founded in 2009, the roots for Cerno were established many years earlier. The founding trio--Nick Sheridan, Bret Englander and Dan Wacholder--grew up together in Laguna Beach and dreamed of one day putting all their cumulative artistic and engineering skills together into one creative endeavor.

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That endeavor became Cerno, an industrial design and manufacturing company that creates modern LED lighting fixtures and furniture. Although young, the company has already produced an extensive line of products to great acclaim.

Why We Love Cerno Lighting

All Cerno lighting products blend quality, performance and energy efficiency with modern design. While immediately pleasing to the eye, this modern design is hard to categorize at first. Depending on which of the modern table lamps or floor lamps you're looking at, Cerno's design aesthetic is contemporary meets mid-century modern meets industrial steampunk. The lighting fixtures are at once sharp and edgy, yet softened and made accessible with warm cuts of wood. Together with the long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs, this sustainably harvested wood testifies to Cerno's eco focus.

Fun Facts About Cerno

The company's name, and that of all their contemporary lighting products, are taken from Latin. Cerno means to resolve, distinguish, decide, sift, determine, to perceive. Quite appropriate for a design company.

Noteworthy Products from Cerno

The Salix Pendant by Nick Sheridan features a sleek part-wood, part-metal frame and fits perfectly as a dining room or entryway pendant. For a statement making floor lamp, look to the Valeo LED Floor Lamp. Valeo is a massive lamp design featuring a walnut wood frame supporting an elegant linen shade. And finally, be sure to see the Libri LED Sconce for a fixture that mounts on either side of the bed and is extensively versatile. As with any Cerno lamp, Libri offers an energy efficient LED light source.

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