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Wall Mounted Fans

14 Results
  • Kaye Oscillating Wall/Ceiling Fan
    Fan Body Finish
    $46800 - $52200
  • Anywhere Wet Rated Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
  • Pola Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
    2 Size Options
    $44500 - $61000
  • Veranda Patio Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
  • Bellows IV Outdoor Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
  • Laura Wall Fan
    $70200 - $76050
  • Melody Wall Fan
    Fan Body Finish
    $48150 - $54000
  • Bellows I Outdoor Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
    $40060 - $42180
  • Michelle Parede Wall Fan
    $1,19700 - $1,46700
  • Bruna Parede Wall Fan
    Fan Body Finish
    $1,19700 - $1,46700
  • Piazza Wall Fan
    Fan Body and Blade Finish
  • Bellows I Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fan
    $33800 - $40700
  • Kaye Oscillating Wall/Ceiling Fan (Bronze)-OPEN BOX RETURN
  • Bellows I Outdoor Wall Fan (Aged Bronze) - OPEN BOX RETURN

Why We Love Wall Fans

Gone are the days of the flimsy white plastic fan on the wall. These restoration styled wall fans are weathered, time tested and oh so dependable. Many of the wall mounted fans in this collection embody the restoration aesthetic and live up to the quality, two excellent characteristics we look for in desirable design. Perfect for nearly any bare wall, these fans are ideal for adding a bit of decor and moving around stuffy air with their oscillating movement.

Wall Mounted Fans for Every Room & Application

When installing a ceiling fan isn't an ideal choice, consider using a wall mounted fan. Wall fans are fun to have in the living room for a punch of restoration or retro design, becoming part of the wall art while providing an important cooling service at the same time. Dens, studies and other smaller rooms are perfect places for a wall fan too, clearing the air and freshening up the atmosphere when an overhead ceiling fan just won't fit. And outdoor wall mount fans help keep patios and exterior living spaces cool, giving you every reason to relax outside on a warm summer night. In any room, indoors or out, a wall mount oscillating fan offers exceptional style and cool, fresh air.

A Wall Fan for Every Style

Even the most well-designed contemporary rooms can benefit from the addition of one of these wall mount fans. And they easily blend in with lighting and furnishings in spaces filled with traditional decorative elements. Look to the assortment from Matthews Fans for oscillating wall fans in a variety of sizes. These caged industrial wall fan options immediately convey your appreciation for restoration era looks. Outside, for the deck or patio, check out the wall fans from Savoy House. These weather-friendly fans are UL rated for outdoor locations where the presence of water may be unavoidable. Or find a minimalist appearance in black wall fans from Craftmade Fans. For any space, these unique fans are sure to bring much-needed character and will help facilitate a cool breeze.

How to Choose the Best Wall Fans

When choosing a wall fan, the first thing you need to determine is if it will be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor and patio wall fans have to carry a wet or damp UL rating to be considered safe for outdoor use. Be sure to thoroughly review a fan's details to understand its location rating. Next, you need to determine the best size of wall fan for your space. Similar to measuring a ceiling fan by its blade span, wall fans are measured by their oscillating diameter. Carefully measure where you plan to install the fan to know just how big (or small) of a fan the wall needs. And be sure to refine your options by how much air the fan can actually move. Those wall fans with higher airflow efficiency not only look great on the wall, they will also keep the room comfortably cool. If you have any questions about the wall fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Floor fans and desk fans add similar design strength while offering the same room-to-room and house-to-house portability. If versatility is something you need in your fan, you'll appreciate these options as you can take them anywhere in the house at a moment's notice. And if you are loving the caged, industrial look of these fans, why not take a look at the collection of caged ceiling fans for similar designs that mount to the ceiling? Or look to a dual ceiling fan to appeal to a modern, industrial aesthetic. With dual fan motors, a double ceiling fan is guaranteed to make a statement.