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Outdoor Benches

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  • Attackle Bench
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  • Solid Sofa
  • Vignelli Bench
  • Amsterdam Outdoor Bench


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  • Bellevie Bench
  • Luxembourg Stacking Bench
  • Luxembourg Bench
  • Sixties Bench
  • Ocean Bench
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  • You And Me Indoor/Outdoor Bench Set of 2
    5 Size Options
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  • Frame Outdoor Bench
  • Hot Mesh Settee
  • Pelopin Bench
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  • Frank Gehry Bench
  • Spritz Sofa
  • Toni Bankski Outdoor Bench
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  • Picket Low Back Bench


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  • Cubby Bench


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  • Saber Outdoor Bench


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  • Adirondack Bench Tall


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  • Hot Mesh Bench
  • Chelsea Outdoor Bench
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  • HC Bench
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  • Linear Steel Bench
    2 Size Options


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Why We Love Outdoor Benches

Have a seat and enjoy the view. Outdoor benches are places where generations can sit and talk, and resting places when touring or working on the grounds, They're also decorative statements and designer accents which echo and extend the buildings nearby, or add to the landscape architecture. The materials can be carefully crafted and weathered wood, enduring metal or stone, or intriguing shapes of molded resin, concrete or stone. Designers get creative, playful and innovative when they put their minds to creating luxurious outdoor seating, and it's wonderful to witness and exhibit the results.

Where Outdoor Benches Work Best

Close-in to the home or nestled among garden features, consider locating outdoor benches wherever people want to spend a bit of time. Benches serve well by the house for a break from the indoors, bordering open space for families to gather and watch the children play, or even in a memory garden for contemplation. A bench under a thick tree canopy is somewhere to enjoy a light rain; a sunny spot is an early spring place to enjoy the sunshine. People love to sit by water features and near where birds visit. These beautiful designer pieces provide comfortable, beautiful seating destinations.

Outdoor Bench Ideas for Every Style

There are outdoor benches to suit every phase of your life, from honeymooning to welcoming generations. Traditionalists enjoy the fresh classic bench designs from Fermob in upbeat colors, which recreate the park bench feel. Modern outdoor benches can be exciting focal pieces. Make your yard into a sculpture park with Vondom's "AND" loop seating or Vela curved and illuminated sectional, which glows in your garden or at poolside. Knoll presents flowing outdoor dining furniture and individual table and chair designs that recall mathematical formulas representing space and time. Loll Designs' recycled modern outdoor lounge chairs use sharp angles to define a relaxation space which contains comfortable cushioned support. Work with Seasonal Living to transform your outdoor space into a strongly themed porch or patio that makes a style statement while bringing people together.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Bench

Your outdoor bench choices flow from style, colors and materials. For the outdoors, though, you'll be looking at resins, treated and painted woods, concrete, stone, metal and other durable materials and finishes. You might pick a stone sofa or a retro metal bench. Think about whether you want more space for your guests to relax, or more capacity for large gatherings. Pick the outdoor sofas for spacious comfort, and try park benches for groups. Think about the weather in your area: outdoor furniture is designed for the elements, but extremes of sun, cold, moisture and sea air require the right selection of materials.

Other Considerations

In current trends, the back yard is taking the place of indoor reception areas for guests, so be welcoming! Combine outdoor benches for capacity and style with outdoor lounge seating for comfort and leisure. To connect your outdoor space with your home's indoor themes, pick similar color palettes and styles. Draw deck furniture together around an outdoor rug or circle a water feature, fire pit or decorative outdoor lighting and a sound system with comfortable outdoor benches.

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