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Modern Flatware

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  • KnifeForkSpoon 24 pc Monobloc Cutlery Set
  • Amici 24 Piece Flatware Set
  • STELLA Flatware 16 Piece Set
  • Dry 24-piece Cutlery Set 4180S24
  • Dressed 24 Pc Cutlery Set
  • Citterio 98 Cutlery 16-piece Set
  • Citterio 98 5-Piece Place Setting
  • Dressed 5 Pc Cutlery Set
  • Big Love Spoon Set of 4
  • REB09/9 - Ovale Mocha Coffee Spoon
  • Citterio 98 Serving Set
  • REB09S5 - Ovale 5-piece Cutlery Set
  • Dry Dessert Fork
  • 5180/3 - Nuovo Milano Table Knife
  • AJM22/7 - KnifeForkSpoon Tea Spoon, Polished


  • DC05/4 - Santiago Dessert Spoon
  • DC05/6 - Santiago Dessert Knife
  • 5180/1 - Nuovo Milano Table Spoon
  • 5180/5 - Nuovo Milano Dessert Fork


  • STELLA Salad Servers
  • SG38S5M - Mami 5-piece Monobloc Cutlery Set
  • SG38S24M - Mami 24-piece Monobloc Cutlery Set
  • Food A Porter Cutlery Set



Learn More About Flatware

Why We Love Flatware, Cutlery & Place Settings

What is a dinner party without flatware and cutlery? Modern flatware is a necessity to any dinner, be that casual everyday dining or entertaing friends and family. Flatware, utensils and cutlery go hand-in-hand with dinnerware and glassware of a similar aesthetic and work to round out your dining experience. Give your kitchen and dining area a much-needed refresh with any of these contemporary flatware sets.

Where Flatware & Place Settings Work Best

For most dishes and culinary concoctions, consuming them would be rather difficult without the right set of forks, knives and spoons. However, like the fine China you bring out for holidays and special occasions, this collection of flatware fits more than just a fundamental purpose of acting as a tool for you to eat with. These utensils offer an instant enhancement to your decor and can shine as staples of your interior design all on their own. Suddenly, the common fork, knife and spoon combination become decorative fixtures of your dining landscape you'll enjoy and love.

Flatware & Cutlery for Every Style

Kitchens and dining rooms celebrate a wide variety of interior styles ranging from traditional to modern to those inspired by classic Scandinavian design principles or the middle of the century. The understated beauty of flatware, cutlery and other dining accessories is the ability to easily fit in among almost any decorative style. Iittala, the Finnish glass experts who feature a strong assortment of dining goods, offer Antonio Citterio's flatware creations in a number of place setting sizes. Complement an industrial look in your kitchen or dining room with Diesel's flatware set (available from Seletti). And turn to the Italian Design Factory, Alessi, for high-quality and stylish forks, spoons and knives.

Choosing the Best Place Settings

Setting just the right mood in your dining space is dependent on your own personal aesthetics. From the place settings found here to your dinnerware, glassware, furniture and even the lighting present in the room, all of these decorations play a part in dining and entertaining. As such, you'll want to choose a flatware set that is most representative of your existing decor and will blend in seamlessly. Decide how large of a cutlery set you need and choose the appropriate option from the assortment of products here. You may also want to browse complete product collections from the same designer to give your space a congruent refresh. If you have any questions about the flatware and place settings featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

With a set of decorative utensils picked out, you're almost ready for your next dinner party. Look to the glassware category to find every style of glass you may need including wine glasses, beer glasses, whiskey glasses and common drinking glasses. Then turn your attention to your dinnerware to determine if you might need new appetizer plates or salad bowls to support your 3-course meal. Browse dining room furniture if it's larger pieces of decor you need like a table, chairs or storage. And finally, outfit your place settings with equally stylish table placemats.

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