Ferm Living

The Ferm Living Story

In 2006, Ferm Living began because Trine Andersen just couldn't find wallpaper with the kind of graphic patterns that she wanted. So she designed some herself. Figuring there were plenty of other people in her native Denmark--and the world--looking for such specific motifs, Andersen decided to offer them through her own company. Since then, the range of Ferm Living designs has grown to include a plethora of decorative home accessories, textiles, furniture and more.

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Why We Love Ferm Living

All Ferm Living accessories and furniture have this distinctive quality that is modern and highly graphic, yet also homelike. How can this be? There's no question that these are contemporary designs. However, Ferm Living products also manage to be comforting and welcome pieces in any home, modern or traditional. This is due in large part to Ferm's roots in traditional Scandinavian design, their use of honest materials like wood and brass, and clearly fine handiwork.

Fun Facts About Ferm Living

The Ferm Living name comes from a saying that Andersen's grandmother used to praise someone who was good with their hands, "ferm pa fingrene" (literally translating from the Danish into "good with their fingers"). Andersen chose it for her company's name to convey its continual focus on craftsmanship and "good living."

Noteworthy Products from Ferm Living

The Hexagon family of home accessories pairs the luxurious look and feel of solid brass with a geometric profile. The Outline family takes such geometric detailing even further, with intricate Bauhaus-inspired patterns that are lasercut into metal or wood.

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Ferm Living