Modern Fans

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Why We Love Modern Fans

There's no better way to maximize both your comfort and your energy cost dollar than adding a fan to your home. In the summer, ceiling fans add air circulation and can speed up the spread of cool air from an a/c unit. In the winter, that same circulation helps draw heat down from the ceiling and evenly distribute it throughout a space. Today's modern fans also make eye-catching design elements. A wide range of design styles - from ultra-contemporary to restoration to tropical ceiling fans - means you're sure to find one that suits your taste perfectly.

Where Fans Work Best

Fans benefit almost any room, whether it is a ceiling fixture overhead or a portable fan for your desk. They are especially useful in spaces where people are apt to linger and relax, such as in living rooms and dining rooms. In rooms with lower ceilings, such as the bedroom or laundry room, use hugger ceiling fans. These flush mounted ceiling fans are ideal in spaces where the ceiling to floor height is less than 8 feet. Decorative floor fans and table fans are ideal for portability and versatility, making them a good fit for stuffy offices. And if mounting one to the ceiling is not an option in your space, check out the variety of wall options. In any of these spaces, if you need more ambient light as well as circulation, consider choosing a ceiling fan with light. Finally, a large ceiling fan works well in great rooms or large, open living rooms.

Choosing the Best Fan

To find the best option, the first thing you need to do is determine the fan's location -- do you need a portable fan that can move from room to room or one that is ceiling mounted? Once you know its purpose, refine your options by category and start looking through the styles that appeal to your home. Next, you'll need to properly measure the space where it will be installed (for ceiling fans) and choose the appropriate size. For help with blade span and diameter, look to our ceiling fan size chart. And check out our complete guide on how to choose a ceiling fan for more tips and commonly asked questions.

Other Considerations

Fans are just as useful outdoors as they are inside. In porches, patios and gazebos, outdoor ceiling fans create comforting breezes when they're otherwise lacking. Indoors or out, the streamlined look of contemporary ceiling fans adds a sense of speed to the modern decor while also accomplishing the task of facilitating a cool breeze. Finally, if energy efficiency is your thing, the innovation of DC motor technology makes DC ceiling fans even more efficient. And consider furthering the energy efficiency by choosing a ceiling fan with an integrated LED light kit.