Modern Lighting Fixtures

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Modern Lighting Fixtures for Every Room

Whether as a decorative element or as a purely functional source of illumination, lighting is found in every area of the home. Living rooms, dining rooms and entryways greatly benefit from using ceiling lights. Chandeliers are statement pieces that stand out, establishing the style and tone of the room with elaborate and luxurious designs. Providing a full glow throughout the room, chandeliers ensure a bright and welcoming presence, whether over a dining room table for a meal or introducing guests to the home in a foyer.

For kitchens, pendants and linear suspensions are effective fixtures for lighting a kitchen island, a small breakfast nook table or a lengthy bar or counter. Pendants are simpler in design than chandeliers and offer direct, downward illumination to surfaces. Pendants are effective fixtures as single units or in linear or shaped arrangements. Linear suspensions are lengthier versions of pendants, combining multiple light sources into a single installable fixture.

Flush and semi-flush mounts are small ceiling lights that mount directly to the ceiling, often coming down only a foot or two. They provide accent or direct illumination and are best used in rooms that need an extra accent light from above or in rooms that have low ceilings. Wall lights mount direct to the wall and bring an accent glow. Desirable in a bathroom on either side of a vanity or in a room used for social gatherings, wall sconces bring a little extra touch to the space to ensure light reaches every corner.

Floor and table lamps can be the main source of light in the room or a task light designed for activities such as reading. Floor lamps extend from the floor on a thin base, usually illuminating from a corner of the room, while table lamps sit on end tables near seating areas to bring an accent light to tasks happening in the room.

Outdoor lighting includes all of the fixtures mentioned above as well as landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can include post lights, path lights, step lights and spot lights, which are all used to light walkways, highlight yard decorations and arrangements or otherwise provide safety and security to the outside of the home.

Light Fixtures for Every Style

Over the years, many lighting styles have emerged, some with distinct aspects or parts of larger design trends and others marking artistic movements throughout history. If looking for complex designs, consider Art Deco. For a simple and handcrafted design, look to craftsman, rustic modern, mission style or Farmhouse style. Design movements and cultural offerings include mid-century modern, Scandinavian, Italian or Spanish styles. For a timely feel for the home, look to modern, contemporary and transitional styles.

How to Choose the Best Lighting For Your Home

With a substantial range of sizes, shapes, finishes and colors, selecting the right lighting can be an overwhelming decision. Begin by determining the function of the lighting that is needed. General lighting, accent lighting and focused lighting all provide distinct looks and functions in rooms. A combination of all of these types, called layering lighting, ensures full illumination in the room and when styles or colors match, a sense of flow and symmetry is established, further elevating the room.

Lighting Fixture Types

  • Ceiling Lights

    Ceiling lights mount to the ceiling and include chandeliers, pendants, linear suspensions, flush and semi-flush mounts and recessed lighting. It can also include ceiling fans with lights and track lighting.
    • Chandeliers

      The statement-makers of the home, chandeliers are luxurious and elaborate demonstrations of lighting that are designed to stand out and draw attention.
    • Pendants

      Pendants are simpler in design than chandeliers and offer direct, downward illumination to surfaces. They can be effective as single units or in linear or shaped arrangements.
    • Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts

      For rooms with low ceilings, flush and semi-flush mounts offer accent or full lighting close to the ceiling.
    • Recessed Lighting

      Resting entirely within the ceiling, recessed lights provide general and directed illumination while making a subtle appearance.
  • Wall Lights

    Wall lights mount directly to the wall, providing a variety of presentations of accent lighting such as for tasks or showcasing wall items such as shelving or artwork.
    • Indoor Sconces

      These small fixtures allow control of light down slim areas such as hallways and corridors and accent entryways and larger rooms.
    • Swingarm Lights

      Like a wall sconce, swingarm lights mount to the wall, but are adjustable for the task at hand, such as directing the light to a book being read.
    • Accent Lights

      These fixtures bring a subtler, yet no less necessary demonstration of light to specific areas such as under cabinets, or on the wall highlighting artwork as picture lights.
  • Floor + Table Lamps

    Floor lamps can provide general or accent lighting to a room and are typically placed in corners of a room and near seating areas. Table lamps allow for the completion of tasks at a desk and accent seating areas when placed on an end table.
    • Floor Lamps

      Used as general lighting in a room, floor lamps sit in corners or near seating arrangements and range from reading lamps to grander arc floor lamps.
    • Table Lamps

      An accent light designed for smaller surfaces, table lamps provide a subtle touch to the décor. They can also be used as desk lamps, task lamps and in cordless or battery-powered varieties.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting encompasses all interior lighting options and includes landscape lighting such as path lights, step lights and post lights. Bringing accent and general illumination to the outdoors, landscape lighting also provides safety and security to guests while socializing at night.
    • Outdoor Sconces

      Like their interior counterparts, sconces mount directly to the wall and provide an up, down or combined glow to smaller aspects of the outside of the home typically as an accent light.
    • Landscape Lighting

      Lights that mount into the ground and provide illumination at night fall under the category of landscape lighting. This includes spot lights that highlight plant and yard arrangements, path lights and step lights that light frequently traversed areas and bollard and post lights that act as beacons in the night as they mark edges of the yard, driveways or larger paths.
    • Path Light

      A small, yet effective form of lighting, path lights mount into the ground and illuminate pathways, providing safety while walking at night.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting

What are the different types of lighting fixtures?

Lighting fixtures range from simple to complex with flush mounts and chandeliers to everything in between like pendants and wall sconces.

How to choose the right lamp fixture for a room?

Consider the function of the room first. Think about uses and activities done in the room and how lighting needs affect them.

What are the popular styles of lighting fixtures?

The most popular styles are modern fixtures which match modern homes. Transitional, Italian and Mid-Century Modern are also popular choices.

What are the best materials for lighting fixtures?

Materials are subjective and depend on the décor of the home. Metal and wood alike are both viable options for lighting fixtures.

What are the different lighting options for fixtures (e.g., LED, incandescent, etc.)?

With the phase out of incandescent bulbs in 2023, LED is the primary source of lighting for all fixtures.

Things to keep in mind when cleaning or maintaining lighting fixtures?

Check your fixture’s manual for proper cleaning techniques. Different materials require different cleaning supplies and care.

What are the recommended bulb types for different lighting fixtures?

Each fixture will come with its own required bulb type. Check the fixture’s needs and manual before deciding.

Are there energy-efficient lighting fixture options?

There are several energy-efficient options including LED bulbs and low voltage fixtures.

What are the average costs of lighting fixtures?

Lighting fixtures can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on simple or luxurious options and individual designers.