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Why We Love Home & Room Décor

Home décor is what truly personalizes a space and tells the whole story about who you are. Structurally, after the arrangement of furniture (tables, sofas, beds), home furnishings are the next essential layer of modern décor, necessary to soften the edges and make your home comfy and cozy. Finally, they are what keep your home feeling fresh and new. As opposed to those larger and more permanent pieces of furniture, home furnishings and decorative accessories are easily changed to alter the look of your space whenever you desire.

Where Home Furnishings Work Best

Your entire home, inside and out, will benefit from the finishing touches of contemporary home furnishings, home hardware and decorative accessories. However, primary concentration should be in spaces in which you spend a lot of time and wish to relax. Soft bedding sets and duvet covers are a necessity in the bedroom, while pillows and throws make curling up on the living room sofa similarly comfortable. In any room, modern rugs take the chill out of cold, hard floors while simultaneously adding a vibrant pop of color and you are sure to love the array of fun accessories for the bathroom. And outside, look to the selection of outdoor home furnishings in the form of furniture, mats, planters, fireplaces and more.

Home Décor for Every Style

No matter your decorative aesthetic or preferred interior design styles, here you will find a variety of home furnishings to fit in spaces with traditional décor or in rooms that are considered ultra-modern in design. Homes inspired by classic Scandinavian design will appreciate the furnishings and accessories from Denmark's Menu and Finland's iittala, including a number of items fit for kitchens and tabletops. And if you have a love for mid-century modern design, look to the retro clocks and decorations from celebrated designers like George Nelson or Charles & Ray Eames, including iconic pieces like the George Nelson Ball Clock. For any interior style, you are sure to find the complementing decorations you need here.

Choosing The Best Home Furnishings

The best part about this collection of home décor is that it allows you to make your space uniquely you. From cozy bedding to vibrant rugs and must-have tools in the kitchen, there are pieces of home decorations here that support giving each room its own personality. Start your search by identifying which accessories you need for which room of the house. That could mean table placemats and runners for the dining table, knives and cooking tools in the kitchen, an area rug for the living room or a fireplace to keep things warm all times of the year. Once you know where you need a new modern accent piece, your next step is to sort by the right sizes paying careful attention to height, width, diameter (for certain accessories) and length (especially for runner rugs). And finally, choose colors that blend into your home's color palette or opt for radiant patterns that make a statement on their own. If you have any questions about the home furnishings and accents featured here, please call our décor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

These home furnishings and accessories pair well with modern furniture too. Be sure to browse the assortment of lounge chairs, sofas, sectionals, kitchen and dining furniture, office furniture, accent tables and so much more. Use these decorative pieces to add a bit of flair to any furniture you use. Finally, you'll also love giving these contemporary home furnishings to others. The vases, candle holders, picture frames and other home decorative accessories available in home furnishings make ideal heartfelt gifts. Browse the complete gifts section to find unique items you'll enjoy gifting anytime of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Decor:

What are the most popular types of items in home decor?

Consistently popular items for home décor can include the use of throw pillows and cushions to bring color, texture and comfort to seating areas; rugs for warmth and visual interest; and decorative wall art and items such as art, vases, planters and shelving to create a personal and lived-in feel.

What are the current trends in home decor?

Some current trends include biophilic design, which is the philosophy of bringing nature indoors for reasons of comfort and establishing a cohesive natural environment in the home; sustainable and eco-friendly fixtures and accessories that have minimal impact on the environment; and designing a home around cultural influences such as Scandinavian, Moroccan or Japanese design.

What are home accents and how do they differ from regular home decor?

Home accents refer to the smaller decorative elements and accessories used to enhance and complement the overall decor of a space. They are the finishing touches that add personality, style and visual interest to a room. Home accents can include a wide range of items, such as decorative pillows, throw blankets, vases, candles, sculptures, wall art, rugs, decorative trays and more.

How can I use home accents and decor to add pops of color to my space?

Pops of color allow parts of a home to stand out, creating a vibrant and personable feel. Accessories can benefit from coloring, such as decorative pillows, vases, candles and rugs. When the seating areas and shelving are complete with cherished objects, consider adding colorful wall art to continue the trend.