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Modern Coat Racks

30 Results
  • Eames Hang-It-All


    $16575 - $25075 $195.00 - $295.00
  • Afteroom Coat Hanger
  • Splash Coat Rack
  • Afteroom 2-Hook Coat Hanger
  • Coat Dots
  • VENEA Coat Rack
  • Mategot Coat Rack
  • MENOTO Wall-Mounted Coat Rack
  • Memorabilia Coat Rack
  • MENOTO Valet
    $21499 - $28999
  • Hanger Wall Rack
    2 Size Options
    $20500 - $29500
  • Vertigo Wall Hanger
    2 Size Options
    $1,52000 - $2,50000
  • Men's Galan Valet Stand
  • Amos Coat Rack
  • Cocho Coat Rack
    2 Size Options
    $16000 - $25500
  • Cari Coat Rack
    1 Size Options
    $18500 - $25500
  • CURL Coat Rack
    3 Size Options
    $2699 - $5399
  • Pujo Coat Rack
  • Pujo Hanging Coat Rack
  • Ava Coat Hanger
  • Women's Galan Valet Stand
  • Magis Steelwood Coat Stand
  • Magis Paradise Tree Coat Stand
  • Magis Four Leaves Coat Stand
    $51500 - $72500

Learn More About Coat Racks

Why We Love Coat Racks

A modern coat rack provides much more than just a good looking place to hang your jacket. A coat rack is a necessity to a properly organized space and can help establish the character of the room all while providing plenty of space for coats, bags and other clothing items. These well-designed coat stands find themselves at home in almost any room of yours where they can be found free standing or mounted to the wall. And with designs from the best names in home furnishings, you'll happily introduce any of these racks into your home.

Where Coat Racks Work Best

The most common home for a coat rack is in the entryway or foyer where it can be found properly greeting guests of your home. Not only are your home's guests provided with a place to hang their jacket or bag, they are also greeted with your sense of modern style. Coat racks, as well as other entryway furnishings, immediately speak to your aesthetics and give a preview to how the rest of your home is decorated. Bedrooms can also be an ideal location for a contemporary coat rack where it can provide a place to hang clothing items and blend into your room's existing decorations. And consider a coat stand to impress guests of your home office or the business office away from home.

A Coat Rack For Every Style

The understated appeal of organizing accessories like a coat rack is their ability to stylishly fit in a variety of interiors. From traditionally decorated homes to those boasting with sleek, modern implements, the right coat rack has no problem fitting in. A coat rack from Calligaris leaves a lasting impression thanks in part to Calligaris' meticulous attention to detail and fine Italian craftsmanship. Add a splash of colorful personality with a Blu Dot coat rack. And make a statement on the wall with any of the coat racks available from Kartell. Just the right coat rack will provide exceptional decoration for your rooms while also offering plentiful space to hang your essentials.

How to Choose the Best Coat Rack

To find the best coat rack, first determine whether you need it to mount to the wall or to be free standing. Standing coat racks offer an added benefit of portability, while a wall-mounted coat rack brings eye-catching decoration to otherwise bare walls. You'll also need to be considerate of the size of rack you choose. If you need to hang multiple coats and other items of clothing, opt for a big coat rack. Conversely, you'll find quaint options for smaller spaces. With a size in mind, refine your choices by the colors and finishes that are most appropriate for your room. Do you need a splash of color to stand out or do you prefer a soft-spoken color to blend in with your existing decorations? If you have any questions about the coat racks featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

A coat rack is just one element of keeping your space properly organized. Home organization also includes wine racks for the kitchen or dining room, magazine racks, storage bins and containers, as well as smaller solutions to help keep everything in its place. And if you need help storing bigger items, look to the collection of storage furniture. Storage furniture includes modern credenzas, buffet tables, bedroom dressers, media stands and a variety of shelving you can use for storage or putting things on display.

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