The Mater Story

Founded in 2006 by business executive Henrik Marstrand, Mater is a Danish lighting and furniture design brand with a conscience. It became apparent to Marstrand that the only way to change how design is approached (i.e. from an ecological and social standpoint) was to create a company with that mindset from the ground up.

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Mater’s ideology is best described by their mission statement of “Design, Craftsmanship, and Ethics.” With that in mind, Mater challenges the norm by using only sustainably procured materials and by establishing mutually beneficial and cooperative business practices with artisan workshops in other countries. Currently, Mater collaborates with a diverse group of 10 outside designers —in Germany, India, Denmark, and Spain just to name a few—all contributing to the timeless and natural style that Mater embodies.

Why We Love Mater Lighting

With this good-design-meets-sustainable-practice mentality, it is no surprise that the root of Mater is actually the Latin word for “mother”. Throughout the entire lighting and furniture product line, this reverence for mother earth is made apparent by the shapes, materials, and stories that accompany each design.

Fun Facts About Mater

Remarkably after two years in business, Mater went on to win the Best Debut Design Brand by Wallpaper* Magazine in 2008.

Noteworthy Lighting from Mater

Fittingly named after the word for “acorn” in Finnish, the Mater Terho Medium Pendant is designed with the humble beauty of nature in mind. An alder wood cap (responsibly sourced from Europe) is paired with an opal glass shade that is mouth-blown in the Czech Republic. The muted color palette has a calming effect that is further enhanced by the soft diffused light and smoothness of the wooden structure.

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