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Modern Side Tables + End Tables

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Why We Love Side Tables and End Tables

Modern side tables offer convenience as well as an aesthetic touch of symmetry for your most lived-in spaces. Whether it's a place to set the remote or your steaming cup of coffee while you watch the morning news, end tables provide a handy surface at arm's reach. Contemporary side tables are a far cry from the wooden chunks of decades past, now sporting styles that speak to the aesthetics of the current era. Whether you want them for storage or simply to tie together the look of your room, side tables can do it all with grace and sophistication.

Where a Side Table or End Table Works Best

In most homes you will find end tables flanking the couch or loveseat. Tables work well in this placement so that people sitting on either side of the sofa can enjoy the convenience of the tables. This arrangement also provides suitable placement for table lamps, allowing for proper lighting in the room. Family rooms and living rooms often work well with this layout, but modern side tables can also work nicely in a finished basement, den, media room or other recreational space. Breaking away from the symmetrical aspect, you can also enhance the décor of your home by using a single unique wooden or a dramatic metal side table as an accent table.

A Side Table for Every Style

Contemporary side tables are so different from the end tables we grew up with in our homes. Today's table styles cover everything from bright hues to bowl shapes and wild arrangements of metal and glass. If you're looking for modern side tables, the selection designed by BDI Furniture embrace the idea of unique table shapes manifested by twin tiers of glass or a combination of glass and wood

How to Choose the Best Side Table or End Table

A few factors help to determine the best end tables for your home. First, decide where you will place the end tables and consider the look of the existing color scheme and décor elements. Next, take some measurements to ensure you choose the right tables for your space. If you are flanking your sofa with modern side tables, you'll want to make sure you have enough room across the width of the room, but also bearing mind the height of the tables and if it is equal or near enough to the height of the arms of your sofa. Lastly, check out all of the beautiful designs and choose one that resonates with your ideal sense of beauty. If you have any questions about the side tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you like these contemporary side tables, you may also enjoy the benefits of adding other unique tables to your home. As another option, look into modern living room ottomans and stools, useful as a surface while doubling as a place to rest your feet. Also consider the assortment of modern living room tables for a selection of coffee tables, benches, stools and accent tables in a fine array of colors and styles. And finally, as another accent piece you can add to your rooms, give your floors a bit of personality with a contemporary area rug.