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How to Select New Bedroom Ceiling Lights

It’s not just the sheets, or the mattress, or the pillows that make the bedroom the most relaxing room in the house. Well-placed, well-constructed bedroom lighting can also bring much-needed serenity and warmth. Whether function or style is a primary concern, the bedroom ceiling lights, lamps and sconces satisfy both needs simultaneously, offering adjustable lighting while featuring many lavish designs.

As a place where we tend to relax, the choice of lighting must fit in with the needs of the space. That can mean strictly functional overhead lighting or a bedside sconce to give focused reading light. To start the space's design, bedroom chandeliers are a great way to establish a calm, luxurious environment with a simple flick of the switch. Their unique designs and adjustable lighting allow the mood to be set whether reading or romancing. Bedside table lamps, floor lamps, console lamps and accent lighting would fit well on a nightstand, brightening twilight hours in a warm, serene light. Or, consider hanging a couple of pendants above the nightstand as a unique approach to bedside lighting. Sconces with switches and those that simply plug-in make life convenient and easy, which will in turn help peacefully bring sleep. Finally, to keep the room cool during warmer months check out the selection of ceiling fans meant for the bedroom. Many of the available ceiling fans include options for integrated light kits too. With the right choice of lighting for the bedroom, a calm, relaxing space is easily created.

A Bedroom Light for Every Style

While most bedroom light fixtures in this assortment are inherently modern, they are able to fit right in with a variety of interior preferences. Transitionally styled bedrooms will appreciate fixtures from George Kovacs for the use of finishes and materials that can work almost anywhere. A table lamp from Pablo finds its home on bedside tables of contemporary lights for bedrooms or look to the Tolomeo collection from Artemide.

Bedroom Lighting by Type:

Bedroom Ceiling Lights:

  • Chandeliers: Elegant and often ornate, chandeliers serve as a focal point, adding a touch of luxury to bedrooms.
  • Pendants: Hanging from the ceiling, pendants are versatile, ranging from simple to elaborate designs, and can illuminate specific areas or provide general light.
  • Flush and Semi-Flush Mount: Sitting close to the ceiling, these lights offer widespread illumination without being obtrusive, with semi-flush mounts hanging slightly below.
  • Recessed Lighting: Installed into hollow openings in the ceiling, recessed lights provide subtle, direct illumination and are perfect for modern minimalist designs.

Bedroom Wall Lights:

  • Wall Sconces: Mounted directly to walls, wall sconces are both decorative and functional, offering ambient or task lighting.
  • Plug-In Wall Lights: Offering flexibility, plug-in wall lights don't require hard wiring and can be moved and positioned as needed.
  • Sconces with Switches: These wall-mounted lights come with integrated switches for convenient control, eliminating the need for wall switches.

Bedroom Lamps:

  • Table Lamps: Often placed on nightstands or dressers, table lamps are ideal for reading and offer both task and ambient lighting.
  • Floor Lamps: Standing tall, floor lamps can illuminate broader areas, with designs ranging from task-oriented to those adding decorative flair.
  • Accent Lighting: These lights emphasize specific features or create mood, adding layers of dimension and drama to bedroom spaces.

Other Considerations

To properly decorate the bedroom, more than just a selection of well-chosen lighting is needed. Browse the assortment of bedroom furniture for bed frames, clothing dressers, nightstands, reading lounge chairs and more. Also add decorative accents to the room with the assortment of bedroom decor. These furnishings, including pillows, throws, floor coverings, bedding and other linens, help round out the look of the bedroom by pairing nicely with lighting and furniture choices.