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Wall Sconces

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Why We Love Wall Sconces

What is a sconce? A sconce is a wall-mounted form of lighting that has been used since ancient times to hold candles or another source of light. Sconces and wall lighting in general provide the necessary ambient light that gives a room its warmth. While ceiling lights disperse illumination downward and out, sconces brighten each wall and often give those walls a bit of much needed decoration too. Contemporary and modern wall sconces give a space distinction and provide an important functional service while other styles of wall sconces can give a room personality and a sense of direction when decorating.

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Where Wall Sconces Work Best

In both residential rooms and commercial locations like retail stores, restuarants and hotels, wall sconces add a desirable amount of light to a space and excel at decorating bare walls. Living rooms become living rooms when wall sconces are in place, providing welcoming light for group gatherings while complementing the light provided by existing ceiling lights. Wall sconces give dining room lighting similar warmth and can add an additional romantic feel for an intimate dinner. Entryways and foyer areas benefit from the addition of a couple of sconces and a pair of wall sconces in the hallway provide necessary guiding illumination, especially when the hallway is long and doesn't receive light from windows. Wet and damp rated outdoor sconces mounted by the front or back door provide another sense of welcoming and inviting light, and a wet rated bathroom sconce is key to optimal vanity lighting.

A Sconce for Every Style

Whether you need a wall sconce light to fit a mid-century modern themed home or someting with more classic and traditional decorative elements, you will find plenty of options in this widespread assortment. For contemporary spaces, look to any of the wall sconces from SONNEMAN Lighting or the Italian-made sconces from Artemide. If you need to fit a luxurious space, you'll love the offering from Terzani or consider a statement-making sconce with crystals by Schonbek Lighting. A transitional space will benefit from the sconce light fixtures by Hinkley Lighting or look to Maxim Lighting for a truly traditional styled sconce. Finally, look to the selection of LED wall sconces for a fixture with a stunning design that is also energy efficient.

Choosing the Best Wall Sconces

Sconces are offered in a number of shapes and sizes so it is critical for you to thoroughly measure your space before installing the sconce you choose. When browsing for a new sconce, be sure to review its sizing dimensions including its height, width and weight to get the best gauge of how it will look in your room. You will also want to determine if you want a sconce with uplight (wall uplights) or a sconce that projects light downward, and look to sconces with switches for designs that allow you to control the light with a flip of a button. If you have any questions about the sizes and styles of the sconces featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you love the look of these sconces, but want something that is portable and easy to install, look to the assortment of plug-in sconces. Plug-in wall sconces move wherever you need them to and simply plug into a power outlet, giving you ample and accessible lighting. And in the bathroom, you might prefer something other than a wall-mounted sconce -- look to the full assortment of vanity lighting fixtures for stylish modern bath bars, lighted mirrors and overhead ceiling lights. Finally, set the mood by putting your wall sconce on a dimmer switch from the ultra-modern Legrand Adorne collection.

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