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Wine & Bar Accessories

109 Results
  • Wine Breather Carafe
  • Ripple Carafe and Glass Collection
    3 Product Options
    $5500 - $7500
  • Ultima Thule Glassware Collection
    9 Product Options
    $5500 - $18400
  • Cylinda-Line Bar Collection
    6 Product Options
    $3495 - $36900
  • Finesse Glassware Collection
    8 Product Options
  • Ripple Champagne Saucer Set of 2
  • Essence Set of 4 Red Wine Glasses
  • Ripple Carafe and Glass Set
    1 Product Options
  • Fresh Bluetooth LED Champagne Cooler
    2 Size Options
    $18500 - $29500
  • Wine Breather Carafe
    2 Size Options
  • Ultima Thule Set of 2 Double Old Fashioned Glasses
  • Finesse High Ball Glass Set of 4
  • Alba Glassware Collection
    3 Product Options
    $16400 - $40400
  • Essence White Wine Set of 4
  • Noe Wine Rack
  • CIOSO Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder
  • Tank High Ball Glass Set of 2
  • Essence Set of 2 Tumblers
  • ALPHA Decanter
  • Plum Tongs
  • Barkcellar Wine Rack
    $16000 - $24500
  • Stelton Bottle Opener
  • Tank Beer Glass, Set of 2
  • Kastehelmi Set of 2 Tumblers

Why We Love Wine & Bar Accessories

This collection of wine and bar accessories is truly buzz-worthy and helps give your home bar its personality. Whether your preference is for fine wine or something a bit stronger, here you will find all kinds of items to make cocktail time even more fun and festive. Get the party started with quirky corkcrews and bottle openers, mix things up with sleek stainless steel shakers and glass decanters and, finally, enjoy the fruits of your bartending labors by sipping from any of our fine glassware.

Where Wine & Bar Accessories Work Best

Getting such lovely bar accessories is a great excuse to set up a dedicated bar area in the kitchen, dining room or living room (or they can really dress up the home bar you may already have). Re-purpose a bookcase, old desk or console table to use as your bar tabletop. Or find a wheeled trolley to store your bottles, glassware and tools--just in case you ever need to prepare cocktails on the move. And while you'll find these modern bar accessories add expert design to your space, you'll appreciate them for their functional utility in working to help get your drink just right.

Bar Accessories for Every Style

Whether your bar sits in a traditionally decorated home or one filled with modern items of decor, these unique accessories have no problem fitting in. Start redecorating your home's bar area with updated drinking glasses in the wide assortment offered by Iittala. From essential glassware to enjoy your favorite white wine to larger tumblers for beer and other spirits, Iittala's collection will have you set. Keep an Alessi corkscrew handy for a fun and play presence in the bar. Contemporary spaces will appreciate the selection of stainless steel wine accessories from Blomus and look to a well-designed cocktail shaker from Tom Dixon to properly mix things up. Lastly, when it's time for last call in your home bar, choose a wine storage rack to hang things up.

Choosing the Best Wine & Bar Accessories

Choosing the right pieces to make your bar area uniquely you starts with identifying exactly what you need. Here you can find complete wine accessory sets or individual pieces you can use to shape the look and feel of your space. If it's glassware you're specifically in the market for, decide just how many glasses you need and find an appropriate set to meet your needs. Ice buckets, cocktail shakers and decanters also find themselves in this selection and you'll want to choose the styles that fit the aesthetic you prefer for your bar. If you have any questions about the wine and bar accessories featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Find more liquor-worthy vessels in our full range of tabletop and entertaining items. At the same time, you will find bowls, dishes and trays for serving nibbles to go along with your finest alcoholic concoctions. You'll simply be the host with the most and will impress your guests time and time again. And for a similar assortment of accessories that you can gift to the wine lover or bartender in your life, look to all of the fun options in the Gift Guide.

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