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Modern Benches

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86 Results
  • Industrial Bench
  • Una Bench
  • Nelson Platform Bench
    Seat Finish
    3 Size Options


    $1,27075 - $2,12075 $1,495.00 - $2,495.00
  • Puff Puff Bench
    Fabric Color
  • Plank Bench


    $46750 $550.00
  • Branch Bench
  • Amsterdam Bench
  • Attackle Bench


    $52900 - $59900
  • Spindle Bench
    $86900 - $1,16900
  • The Monolith Bench
  • Tuck 8001 Bench
  • Construct Bench
    $49900 - $69900
  • Bank Bench
  • Airline Bench
  • And Loop
  • Audrey Dining Collection
    6 Product Options
    $1,78100 - $4,64300
  • Nelson Platform Bench with Metal Legs
    3 Size Options


    $1,27075 - $2,12075 $1,495.00 - $2,495.00
  • Amicable Split Bench
    3 Size Options
    $39900 - $89900
  • Berkeley Bench
    $1,24700 - $1,61700
  • Santana Bench
    Fabric Color
    $2,73000 - $3,25000
  • Cubby Bench with Boot Holes
    3 Size Options
    $99500 - $1,49500
  • Florence Knoll Two-Seater Bench
    $2,75000 - $3,24000
  • Transit Bench
    Base Finish


    $53550 $630.00
  • Norbury Bench

Learn More About Benches

Why We Love Modern Benches

A modern bench makes a difference in any room it is placed. Often thought of as an accenting piece of furniture, just the right bench works its way into your decor and helps tie a room together. In the bedroom, kitchen, entryway, living room or outside on the front porch, benches brings more to the space than just a place to sit. They act as helpful storage, accent furniture, a spot to toss your essentials and of course, additional seating when there might not be space for other chairs. This selection of benches is designed to fit a variety of interiors and you are sure to find one that successfully complements your home's style.

Where Modern Benches Work Best

Anywhere a typical side chair or armchair isn't the right fit is the perfect home for a contemporary bench. In entryways and foyers, a good looking bench immediately greets your guests the second they walk in the door and it can offer a welcoming spot to place a coat, car keys and more. Consider an entryway bench in place of a common table to use for striking good looks and to give your guests a place to sit if they need to. Living rooms also welcome benches and they pair well with existing furniture like sofas, lounge chairs and accent tables. In the kitchen and dining room, benches are especially helpful during entertaining parties when you can't seem to find a chair for every guest on your list. What three individual chairs would require can be accomplished with a single bench. And in the bedroom, contemporary benches are best positioned at the foot of the bed where they can act as a catchall for loose clothing or as a place to sit while getting ready in the morning. You'll be hard-pressed to find a spot in your home where a bench won't fit in.

A Decorative Bench For Every Style

This collection of benches spans a variety of interior decorating styles and can successfully accommodate just about any aesthetic. In contemporary locations, consider a bench from Blu Dot. Blu Dot's assortment of benches are at once well-designed and reliable for indoor and outdoor use. Fit a mid-century theme with a retro-inspired bench from Gus Modern. A rustic bench from Saloom Furniture perfectly complements rooms following a similar theme where the presence of wood tones exists. Classic and minimalist designs offered by Vitra immediately speak to your sense of style and look to Fermob for a bench you'll love to add to your porch, patio or deck area for any time of the year.

How to Choose the Best Bench for Your Needs

Finding just the right bench depends on your personal aesthetics and the sizes of bench seating your home can accommodate. These modern benches are made to fit a variety of purposes and as such are offered in numerous size and shape options. Before you begin looking for a new bench, determine where you plan to place it and measure for width, length and height. Once you know the range of sizes you can have, it will make refining your choices much easier. You'll also want to decide if you need an upholstered bench or a clean and minimalist one. If it's a bench for storage and not really intended for sitting, you can likely go without needing an upholstered seat. And lastly, try to choose colors and leg finishes that are most representative of your home's decor and will have no problem blending in. If you have any questions about the seating and storage benches featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

A bench can be just one form of seating to have in your home. Additional modern chairs including side chairs, armchairs, living room sofas and lounge seating are easy to incorporate into your design mix and they will leave your rooms with a much-appreciated touch. If it's simply occasional furniture you need to round out a room's look and feel, consider an accent table. Accent tables like side tables, end tables and coffee tables bring a room's layout together and provide a functional spot to set your current book or cup of coffee. Finally, if you have landed here in search of a storage bench, you may also be interested in the storage furniture available. From wall shelving to bookcases, clothing dressers, nightstands, filing cabinets and more, there's a form of furniture to help keep you organized.