The Ethnicraft Story

Ethnicraft was founded by two Belgian friends traveling the world together who were struck by the use of lightwood and the singular nature of many of the pieces they encountered. They brought home several pieces and sold them, a success that would be their first of many as business partners. For the last two decades, Ethnicraft has used solid Oak that is sustainably grown as the basis of their minimal aesthetic. Creating warmth through the use of wood, their clean modern style is timeless.

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Why We Love Ethnicraft Furniture

Ethnicraft cherishes the beauty of the wood they use to let that define and speak for each of their pieces and at the same time, there is an artful eye towards new and different furnishing ideas. These quality hand crafted pieces are made by artisans to enhance the modern design of your home.

A Fun Fact About Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft owns a copyright on the portmanteau “emorational” which the brand coined as a way of describing the intersection of furniture that elicits both genuine emotional reaction and functions exactly as expected, compromising neither for the other. In time, as they continue to grow, Ethnicraft will come into ownership of more great portmanteaus like “mini-maximizing” to describe their ability to imbue great function on minimally constructed pieces or “arbpholstery” as a sort of pro-wood (arbor), anti-fabric turn of phrase to describe the exterior of their home furnishings.

Noteworthy Products from Ethnicraft

The Oak Air Bed by Ethnicraft fits in with a theme that their in-house designer Alain Van Havre really enjoys playing with: weightlessness. Many of the Ethnicraft design pieces are crafted in a way as to obscure their feet or base. In addition, the Orb Coffee Table, comes to an ultra-thin edge and has Escher-inspired legs that seem to flow back on themselves, the combined look being quite striking and one-of-a-kind.

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