The Vondom Story

In 2010, Vondom was founded in Valencia, Spain, to completely change what people expect when they hear "outdoor furniture." Their material of choice in this effort was moldable, colorful and durable plastic. And it was given to world-renowned designers to do with it what they would to create furniture, planters and other accessories of unequaled innovation and glamour. Designers like Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Ludovica & Roberto Palomba have contributed their distinct design vision to the Vondom catalog.

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Why We Love Vondom Furniture & Lighting

When wielded smartly by creative designers, plastics can be used to make strong, fun and beautiful design pieces for indoors and out. That's exactly what Vondom does. Vondom planters, outdoor furniture, and other designs range from simple cubic planters to enormous, avant-garde and almost gravity-defying modular seating. Vondom plastic furniture and planters are pieces that you will be equally confident using indoors or out; they are just that durable and fashionable. And Vondom's unique lighting incorporates elements of durable plastic with energy-efficient LED light sources.

Fun Facts About Vondom

To date, the largest single piece that Vondom has made out of plastic is one curve of the And seating configuration; it stands 92.5 inches tall, 43 inches wide and 36 inches deep. (A minimum of 2 units is required to keep things upright.)

Noteworthy Products from Vondom

The Faz collection of outdoor lounging and dining furniture feature fantastically fractal forms made out of molded polyethylene. Meanwhile, the Fiesta collection of modular illuminated bars keeps the drinks flowing and the party going all night.

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