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Outdoor Coffee Tables

106 Results
  • Vignelli Bench
  • Mascon Outdoor Coffee Table


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  • Solid Coffee Table
  • Stone Coffee Table
  • Plec Large Coffee Table
    $1,41350 - $3,50900
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  • Paletti Coffee Table
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  • Martini Freestanding Firepit
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  • Bellevie Low Table
  • Stone RGB LED Coffee Table
  • Blow Coffee Table
  • 1966 Collection Square End and Coffee Table
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  • Frank Gehry Bench
  • Saltö Lounge Coffee Table
    2 Size Options


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  • Drum Ottoman/Table
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  • Wharf Freestanding Fire Table
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  • Plec Outdoor Coffee Table


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  • Bass Lighted Table
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  • Twist Coffee Table
    Table Top Finish
    $61500 - $2,09500
  • Panier Basket Storage
  • Bainbridge 3-Piece Adirondack Chair Teak Outdoor Lounge Set
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  • Saint-Tropez XS LED Coffee Table
  • Sixties Low Table

Why We Love Outdoor Coffee Tables

Outdoor coffee tables are great for creating cozy seating arrangements with your outdoor lounge furniture. With chairs around exterior coffee tables, you and your loved ones will have a convenient place to rest your drinks while you hang out and have a good time. Whether you are soaking up the sun in the middle of the day or watching for shooting stars at night, you'll love having an outdoor coffee table nearby. You'll find lots of options within this diverse category, so read on to learn how to make the best use of these tables.

Where Exterior Coffee Tables Work Best

Outdoor coffee tables are designed to be used outdoors, so they are built to withstand the elements over time. You can use exterior coffee tables in the center of a cluster of chairs or place one between two outdoor lounge chairs so that you can kick back and relax. Each piece of outdoor lounge furniture should have a table nearby so that you have a convenient spot to place your things and you don't have to hold them or put them in your lap, whether it's a cold beverage, your phone or a speaker to play some music.

Outdoor Coffee Table Ideas for Every Style

There are many different outdoor furniture designers who create exterior coffee tables, and they each have their own distinct aesthetic. Fermob, for example, uses bold colors in its outdoor coffee tables to brighten up your yard or patio. Vondom, on the other hand, makes most of its creations in white, focusing instead on geometric shapes for a crisp, modern look. Knoll's designs are simple and understated, letting your outdoor lounge furniture do the talking. Brown Jordan Fires offers coffee tables that include outdoor fireplaces, and Bend Goods makes tables that are light and airy.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Coffee Table

Outdoor coffee tables come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so start by thinking about the overall concept for your yard or patio. This will guide you in choosing an appropriate style. The right size for your exterior coffee tables depends on the outdoor lounge furniture it will be serving. If you would like to have several chairs around the table, feel free to go big. For the space in between two chaise lounges, on the other hand, you'll likely only need a small table. Of course, these are just general guidelines. Ultimately, the size you choose is entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

Other Considerations

In addition to your outdoor coffee tables, you'll also need other outdoor furniture to complete the space. If you don't want to use outdoor lounge furniture around your exterior coffee tables, try outdoor sofas instead. Outdoor benches are another great option, especially around dining tables. This way, you and your guests can move back and forth between the outdoor dining area and lounge area around the coffee table throughout the evening. Try to cluster your outdoor furnishings in small groups to break up a large space and promote conversation.

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