Fatboy Bean Bags & Furniture

The Fatboy Story

The bean bag. The Italians invented it; the Dutch improved it. In 1988, Dutch designer Jukka Setala came up with an ingenious way to make the bean bag chair much more luxurious, durable and adaptable than its Italian ancestor. Alex Bergman then took up the modern bean bag "mantle" in 2002, adopting Setala's idea of the modern lounge chair by launching "Fatboy the Original."

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Three years after that, Fatboy opened their USA branch in Texas (Fatboy USA) and has since expanded on the lounging experience to include other modern furniture pieces like pet beds, chairs for kids and even picnic mats and wine coolers.

Why We Love Fatboy Bean Bag Chairs

We all loved jumping onto a bean bag to watch our favorite movie or to take in the newest Zeppelin album. But let's face it, the '70s are over and unfortunately the bean bag era has, shall we say, deflated? Until now. Fatboy has reintroduced the idea as a luxury lounge chair, filled with the same material as the bean bag but featuring durable nylon in a variety of chic colors and patterns, including fabulous metals, pure white and camouflage, to complement any decor. They've got a range of modern accessories and pet beds that are just as cool, too. Plus, the polystyrene filling is 100% recyclable! LOVE!

Fun Facts About Fatboy

Fatboy provided a stylish lounge for high profile clients, P-Diddy and the Black Eyed Peas, for their 2011 Super Bowl parties.

Noteworthy Products from Fatboy

Humans aren't the only ones who get to enjoy the comforts of Fatboy. Check out the Fatboy Doggielounge for luxury lounging your furry friends will appreciate. And after finding success with bean bag chairs, the company has now expanded into an equally comfortable hammock you'll want to check out. Finally, in 2012, Fatboy launched a line of stylish portable table lamps in its Edison collection.

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