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Kitchen Lighting

Learn More About Kitchen Lighting

Why We Love Kitchen Lighting

With kitchen lighting, this commonly used workspace can transform into an elegant café for your home. Once the skillets are done sizzling and the food has been plated, sit down and stay a while under warm, unobtrusive lighting that offer the soothing ambiance needed for pleasant conversation and personal reflection. While most kitchen fixtures offer bright task lighting, they retain a sophisticated, modern design that is sure to elevate the aesthetic of this often overlooked living space.

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Where Kitchen Lighting Works Best

Whether you are eating breakfast or balancing the checkbook, kitchen ceiling lights are a sure way to brighten up your table. Chandelier light fixtures and pendants for the kitchen come in a variety of sizes and shapes too, ranging from smaller designs for the breakfast nook to robust pieces to gracefully hang over the dining table. If you have an island in your space, track lighting and monorail systems can add some much needed style over an otherwise flat, uninteresting surface. Or, consider stringing together multiple mini pendant lights to provide a much-appreciated amount of illumination. And, if the days get a little too hot, why not combine the functionality of a light and a fan together with a ceiling fan with an integrated light kit. Ceiling fans help keep the room fresh (especially helpful in the kitchen) and most are able to operate all year long. Finally, if your kitchen has limited ceiling-to-floor height, you'll appreciate the selection of flushmounts and recessed lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Every Style

Whether your kitchen is brilliantly modern or modestly traditional, the lighting in this assortment aim to fit their way into any style of kitchen. In classic kitchens decorated with traditional decor items, you'll love the options from Kichler and ELK Lighting. Transitional kitchens benefit from Feiss, including well-designed flushmounts, pendants and sconces. Consider pendants from Bocci for an eye-catching look and if you love that expertly modern appeal, you'll want to take a look at Tech Lighting or LBL. Lastly, to achieve an energy efficient kitchen, be sure to see the LED kitchen lighting available. LED light fixtures are eco-friendly, long-lasting and bright, making them an ideal choice for kitchens.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Lighting

Selecting the best lighting for your kitchen requires careful attention to the function of a light fixture. You first need to determine whether you need functional, workspace lighting or more ambient fixtures. And in a space like the kitchen where task lighting is welcomed and appreciated, you will want to review the lumens of any design you are interested in to have an understanding of how bright it is. Before choosing any type of fixture, thoroughly measure your kitchen to decide how big (or how small) of a light fixture the room can accommodate. Keep in mind important sizing dimensions like height, width, depth and weight. Finally, try to choose colors and finishes of lighting that will complement existing furniture and decorative pieces in the room to create space that is consistent and cohesive. If you have any questions about the kitchen light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

This may seem like common sense, but cooking at night can be difficult without proper lighting. Still, many people find themselves in the dark. For those counter spaces left in shadow from cabinets or appliances, under cabinet lights are ready to illuminate, thus expanding your working area to its intended, comfortable size. Look to the complete Legrand Adorne line to create a contemporary under cabinet lighting look in your kitchen. After one dinner, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without undercabinet lights! And to support a bit of versatility with your kitchen's lighting, consider placing your fixtures on light dimmers.

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