Nanimarquina Rugs

The Nanimarquina Story

Considering woven floor coverings have been around for millennia, it would seem like everything that can be done to create unique designs has been done. But in 1987 Nani Marquina proved that theory wrong when she decided to reinvent area rugs through her newly founded rug design company, Nanimarquina. Since then, Marquina's own rug designs have been joined by others from the likes of Milton Glaser, Ron Arad and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The result is a truly distinctive and surprising catalogue of contemporary rugs.

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Why We Love Nanimarquina Rugs

Nanimarquina rugs set themselves apart by combining playful, contemporary designs with traditional hand-crafting. The skill and versatility of the craftspeople that make Nanimarquina rugs mean that, really, there's no pattern, color, or even material that can't be translated into a stunning, high-quality area rug. The desire to care for and preserve the environment is a big driving factor in the design experimentation that fuels the ever-growing variety of the Nanimarquina line. So you will see rugs made out of recycled polyester and rubber as well as wool, silk and jute.

Fun Facts About Nanimarquina

Marquina's father, Rafael Marquina, was also a famous Spanish designer and architect. His most renowned design is a conical glass oil/vinegar cruet with a curved stem, which will not drip or become dirty. It won first prize at the inaugural ADI-FAD Awards in 1961.

Noteworthy Products from Nanimarquina

Each member of the family of Melange rugs by Sybilla features its own geometric take on a traditional kilim rug, usually via a combination of black, white and/or red. Combining together different Melange patterns--squares, stripes, diamonds, zig-zags--creates a particularly unique and dynamic patchwork effect.

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