Modern Forms

The Modern Forms Story

Established in 2013 as a division of WAC Lighting, Modern Forms’ dedication to the exclusive employment of LED technology extends and cements WAC’s already considerable reputation as a leader in the rapidly expanding market for energy-efficient illumination. Presenting an extensive range of vanity and outdoor lighting alternatives, Modern Forms keeps the aesthetic clean and simple, creating an eco-friendly collection of future forward lighting that would comfortably fit in transitional or contemporary environments.

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Why We Love Modern Forms Lighting

Green is good. Utilizing proprietary energy efficient LED technology, Modern Forms by WAC Lighting luminaires feature LED modules engineered to deliver superlative consistent light quality, lumen output and a high color rendering index (CRI). State of the art components, including replacement LED modules and drivers, are manufactured in miniature sizes, offering greater flexibility in regards to placement and installation. And sustainable OLED nanotechnology ups the ante, resulting in light that is both brighter and greener. There is also no need to sacrifice function for form. Taking full advantage of the most up-to-date advances in electronics, all Modern Forms fixtures feature instant on/off and dimming capabilities.

A Fun Fact About Modern Forms

We must admit our admiration for the Modern Forms branding statement. Or is that statements?

“I am Beautiful. I am Awesome. I am Sexy. I am Proficient. I am Whimsical. I am Design. I am Conversational. I am Clever. I am Engineered. I am Passionate. I am Future Forward. I am Unique. I am Interesting. I am Considerate. I am Courageous. I am Innovative. I am Amazing. I am Ingenious. I am A Rebel. I am Attractive. I am Responsible. I am LED.”

Noteworthy Lighting From Modern Forms

The ultra-thin Vela OLED chandelier is a suspension stunner. Over four feet in length, Vela’s laser-cut aluminum frame is comprised of an eye-popping 24 OLED panels, half of which bathe the space with warm task-worthy down light while the remaining twelve simultaneously render a soft upward ambiance.

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Modern Forms