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Medicine Cabinets

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  • Edition 400 Mirrored Cabinet
    2 Size Options
    $2,51250 - $3,10500
  • Royal Lumos Recessed Triple Mirrored Cabinet
  • Royal Match Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
    4 Size Options
    $2,01000 - $2,52000

Why We Love Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are essential for any bathroom. They provide extra storage for the items you use most frequently. In addition to medications, you can use a medicine cabinet to store grooming essentials such as your toothbrush and toothpaste, razors and shaving cream. Lighted medicine cabinets provide an additional light source that's useful for applying make-up, shaving and other delicate grooming tasks. In homes with limited space, vanity medicine cabinets can be mounted to the wall to ensure square footage isn't affected. Here's how to implement this useful storage solution in your home.

Where Modern Medicine Cabinets Work Best

Of course, the obvious place for lighted medicine cabinets is in your bathroom. They can be a useful storage solution when they're added to any bathroom in your home, whether it is an ensuite, a guest bathroom or even a powder room. Vanity medicine cabinets are ideal for powder rooms thanks to the limited space they require. In addition to bathrooms, some medicine cabinets provide an appropriate storage solution for hallways and entryways. Your guests won't realize that there's a hidden cabinet behind the mirror and you'll have an easy solution for storing keys, wallets, cell phones and other items that tend to clutter counters and drawers throughout the home.

Lighted Medicine Cabinet Designers We Love

There are many home furnishing designers that create lighted medicine cabinets, and they each have their own distinct style. For example, Tech Lighting creates vanity medicine cabinets that are elegant and upscale. Keuco's creations are distinctly modern, and many of the designs open vertically rather than horizontally for a unique look. Electric Mirror creates beautiful designs with lighting built right into the surface of the mirror. When the lights aren't in use, they are tastefully hidden within the mirror. As you shop for medicine cabinets for your home, be sure to look at offerings from several different designers to find a style that matches your taste and the decor within your home.

How to Choose the Best Medicine Cabinet

When buying lighted medicine cabinets, the first thing you'll need to consider is the size of the cabinet. Larger mirrors flanked by dual medicine cabinets are great for open spaces, while vanity medicine cabinets can easily fit in compact bathrooms. Measure the space where you would like the cabinet to go before you start shopping so you know what size you need. You don't want to fall in love with a particular design only to find out that it won't fit in your bathroom.

Other Considerations

While lighted medicine cabinets are great bath and vanity lights, they probably won't provide enough illumination for your entire bathroom, especially if it's large. You may also need overhead shower lighting and additional bathroom lighting. If you are looking at vanity medicine cabinets, you may also want to shop for a new vanity to replace your existing one, assuming that your bathroom is fitted with a countertop and not a pedestal sink. This way, you can ensure the overall styles match perfectly. Don't forget to include some fluffy bath mats and luxurious towels to complete the room.

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