Juniper Design

The Juniper Design Story

Founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 2011, Shant Madjarian, who always had a creative and passionate side, discovered a love for lighting, which inspired the ideas and the foundation of the company. Juniper Design is now a fully functional design and manufacturing business in the lighting market. Combining the use of honest materials and craftsmanship into their products, Juniper Design provides uniquely simple lighting fixtures to customers.

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Why We Love Juniper Design Lighting

Juniper Design’s focus tends to be on a mixture of individualistic ideals: playing around with technology and design, reducing the stress on the environment, and using natural materials for each piece. Juniper Design zones in on details, and ensures that all of their products are well-thought of and cared for. They also try to incorporate integrated LED lighting, where they fit their LED modules into their designs, allowing for eco-friendly lighting for all products.

A Fun Fact About Juniper Design

Shant Madjarian, founder of Juniper Design, did not start out with an artistic background, in fact, his background involves economics and finance, where he was Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for Credit Suisse. After leaving Credit Suisse, he found a creative and artistic interest in the lighting and design world. Although he did not focus specifically on being a designer, he enjoyed the idea of bringing designs to life that were functional and unique.

Noteworthy Products From Juniper Design

The THIN Multiples collection are a uniquely created selection of products that are inspired by geometric forms. The fixtures are made up of a varying sized, tubular lights that form different geometric shapes. With Juniper Design’s statement integrated LED lighting, each fixture is eco-friendly. The THIN Surface Mount is quite similar to the THIN Multiples collection, but can be attached to the wall. Each singular tube of light is fully rotatable, allowing for the personalized adjustment of each segment.

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Juniper Design