Modern Outdoor & Patio Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture

Modern outdoor furniture is usually weather resistant and comfortable, making it a great addition to the next outdoor family BBQ or summer party. From outdoor sofas to individual patio chairs and outdoor dining furniture, there's no limit to creating the perfect combination of items for an outdoor living area. Outdoor patios are not just dining tables and sofas. Consider adding patio chairs to supplement seating, or a bench to accent an open space. To keep cool in the heat, an outdoor ceiling fan is a must. A variety of lighting fixtures are also required, such as flush mounts, wall sconces, portable lamps, post lights and landscape lighting.

Types of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Sofas and Sectionals

These pieces provide ample seating for guests and family, making them perfect for social gatherings or relaxing outdoors. Their modular design allows for flexibility in arrangement to fit various outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Ideal for sunbathing or enjoying a quiet evening outside, outdoor lounge chairs combine comfort with durability, offering a cozy spot to unwind.

Outdoor Coffee Tables

Acting as the centerpiece of outdoor seating arrangements, outdoor coffee tables provide a convenient surface for drinks, snacks, or decorative items, enhancing the functionality and style of outdoor living areas.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges

Designed for comfort and relaxation, outdoor chaise lounges are perfect for poolside lounging or soaking up the sun in a garden setting.

Outdoor Benches

Offering versatile seating options, outdoor benches can accent open spaces or provide additional seating alongside existing furniture. They can also serve as decorative elements in a garden or patio setting.

Other Considerations

An important first step is to decide where exactly the new pieces are placed. Knowing if the furniture is used for the patio or the deck versus the front porch will help determine what is needed. If furnishings and lighting are already in the outdoor living area, consider coordinating with a similar color palette. Consider the style too—black, white and gray make a minimalist statement, while colorful outdoor sets offer a popping personality. Wooden outdoor furniture is a great choice for matching the natural aesthetic. 

Furniture that can withstand the elements and be easily maintained and cleaned is desirable. For wooden outdoor furniture, pay close attention to what types of cleaners are able to be used as there are different suggestions for varying types of wood. For metal outdoor furniture, you use a wire brush to remove any built-up rust. Routine maintenance will keep any furniture looking new and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Furniture

What are the best materials for outdoor furniture?

The best material is a synthetic, weather-proof fabric. Synthetic materials are hardier and weather-proofing makes the furniture long-lasting. Check out our guide on the best materials for outdoor furniture to learn more.

How to clean and maintain outdoor furniture?

As with all individual pieces, consult the manual for the furniture for proper cleaning instructions.

What is the average lifespan of outdoor furniture?

Though all materials have a different lifespan, aluminum and wicker furniture can last up to 15 years, while iron and teakwood can last up to 25 years.

What are the different types of outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture comes in all indoor formats such as loveseats and sectionals as well as several wood material options.

How to protect outdoor furniture from the elements?

Furniture meant for outdoors will have grades of weather-proofing. If the furniture does not, consider a cover or keeping it under a covered patio.

What are the most popular outdoor furniture brands?

Cane-line, Fermob, HiTeak and Vondom will provide the most selection for outdoor furniture, while Ethnicraft is among the best selling.

How to choose the right size of outdoor furniture for my space?

The key is in measurement and understanding the needs of the people using the furniture. Make sure there is space to move around too.

How to choose the right furniture for outdoor spaces?

Try to match the outside with the inside décor of the home. Consider space and functional needs such as number of seats as well.

Are there any eco-friendly options for outdoor furniture?

There are several eco-friendly options such as furniture made of wood. FSC-certified wood is always eco-friendly.

How to store outdoor furniture during the winter?

Either bring the furniture indoors in the winter or use covers that prevent the cold and rain from affecting the material of the furniture.

How do I protect my outdoor lounge furniture?

To protect outdoor lounge furniture, consider using weatherproof covers when the furniture is not in use, especially during adverse weather conditions. For long-term care, routine maintenance such as cleaning and applying protective sealants (for wood furniture) or rust-resistant coatings (for metal furniture) is recommended. Positioning furniture under a covered patio can also shield it from direct exposure to the elements.

What material is used for outdoor lounge furniture?

Outdoor lounge furniture is made from a variety of materials designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including synthetic weather-proof fabrics, aluminum, wicker, teakwood, and wrought iron. These materials are chosen for their durability, weather resistance, and ease of maintenance.

What is the most weather-resistant outdoor furniture?

Synthetic materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker and powder-coated aluminum, are among the most weather-resistant options for outdoor furniture. These materials can withstand sun exposure, rain, and temperature changes without fading, rusting, or deteriorating.

Can you leave outdoor furniture outside all winter/summer?

While many outdoor furniture pieces are designed to be weather-resistant, it is advisable to take additional protective measures during extreme weather conditions. In winter, storing furniture indoors or using protective covers can prevent damage from snow and freezing temperatures. In summer, ensuring furniture is UV-protected can minimize sun damage.

Can outdoor lounge furniture get wet?

Yes, outdoor lounge furniture can get wet, especially if it is designed for outdoor use and made from weather-resistant materials. However, to prolong the life of the furniture and maintain its appearance, it is important to allow wet furniture to dry completely and to provide adequate protection against prolonged moisture exposure, such as rainstorms or constant humidity.