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Outdoor Bars

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Outdoor Bars

To complete the look of the outdoor setting for the home, consider the addition of an outdoor bar. Outdoor bars are popular gathering spaces for family, friends, and other guests invited over. These can be by the poolside or as a patio bar. Ideally, they will follow the theme of the other outdoor furniture to establish cohesion and flow, although going against the theme can also make the bar stand out more.

To complete the look of the bar, research how much furniture will be needed. Outdoor dining and bar furniture will be the best match for a bar area, including things like bar stools.

For other spaces outside such as near the dining table or outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining stools can be an effective way to keep the party intimate by having everyone seated closer together.

Counter and bar stools offer higher seating around a range of surfaces and are potentially mobile, allowing for additional seating around a dining table or by the pool.

If the bar area is more popular than expected, consider the addition of an outdoor bar cart and trolleys. Bar carts make the bar portable, bringing the drinks to the guests when needed, and maximizing lounge and social time. The bar cart can also act as a minibar, including the most popular options for family and friends.