The dweLED Story

Ranging from contemporary and minimal to decorative and nostalgic, the lighting collection from dweLED by WAC Lighting features high performance-engineered LEDs in thoughtful, award-winning lighting designs. With a team of engineers on staff and four factories in the U.S. and internationally, dweLED Lighting leverages originality and forward-thinking to find solutions to challenging lighting needs for a variety of commercial and residential spaces. By combining visually intriguing hardware and state-of-the-art technology, dweLED is committed to providing a lighting solution for any dwelling.

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Why We Love dweLED Lighting

They eat, drink and think LED! The dweLED lighting designs are both creative and highly functional, and it’s clear that each piece is created with the user in mind. There’s also an emphasis on getting even the smallest details exactly right. The dweLED collection of early electric fixtures are authentic in shape, size--and overall vintage aesthetics. The WAC LED technology never stops evolving, and the company’s commitment to innovation will ensure the highest LED quality (think 90+ CRI and 80,000 lifespan hours).

Fun Facts About dweLED

Pronounced dwell-E-D, the name is a play on the familiar acronym for Light Emitting Diode--as well as a nod to the state-of-the-art LED technology that is used in all dweLED/WAC lighting products.

Noteworthy Products from dweLED

The Steampunk Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce has a futuristic-industrial vibe that is a nostalgic take on nautical design. The classic cage form over a seeded glass shade has a hint of high sea mystery and intrigue. The Rondelle family is practical, but still manages to make a beautiful visual impact. The glass shades are inspired by the now obsolete telephone pole insulators, adding a nostalgic spin to this delicate yet effective piece.

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