Petite Friture

The Petite Friture Story

Petite Friture was founded in 2009 by Parisian art and culture aficionado, Amelie du Passage, who sought to promote the talent of emerging lighting and furniture designers with a preference for the provocative. As a result, each piece has a story behind it regarding its inspiration, craftsmanship, and impact on modern design. The company has since gained global acclaim, brushing shoulders with the biggest names in French and international design.

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Why We Petite Friture Lighting

Petite Friture brings European design back to simple elegance, focusing on the balance between aestheticism and function rather than pure ornamentation. Because of this, their collections tend to be more accessible and relevant to the daily life of consumers. And yet, each piece remains stylistically unique and emotionally resonant, bringing personality as well as convenience to contemporary settings.

A Fun Fact About Petite Friture

Founder Amelie du Passage had an interesting post-collegiate career in her years leading up to Petite Friture. After graduating in 2003, she became a speech writer and leader of the art market for Minister of Culture Jean-Jacques Aillagon. Later, she became Secretary General of the FIAC (Foire Internationale d'art Contemporain) which hosts the most cutting edge galleries on the international art scene.

Noteworthy Products from Petite Friture

The Vertigo Pendant is unlike anything you’ve seen before, adopting an organic silhouette similar to that of a falling leaf or butterfly wing. Its curvaceous, non-uniform body is lined with polyurethane ribbons that stretch up and out from a tapered cylindrical interior. The spaces between ribbons are filled in with an incredibly light fiberglass which brings structure as well as diffusion for a central globe lamp.

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Petite Friture