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Modern Bathroom Hardware

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Why We Love Bathroom Hardware

You'll be surprised how clean and modern your bathroom can look with a few additions from this collection of well-designed bath hardware. By adding stainless steel bathroom accessories like towel rails, toilet paper holders, hairdryer holders and soap dispensers, your bath and vanity area instantly feels updated and contemporary. You may also want to add a pop of color to the space with a vibrant towel rack or shelving that makes organizing easy (as well as fun). When paired with well-chosen lighting and bathroom accessories, these hardware items work to round out the look of your throne room in a way you'll appreciate time and time again.

How to Choose the Right Modern Bathroom Hardware

Whether you are looking to refresh your existing bathroom hardware or are in the middle of a comprehensive bathroom renovation, selecting the right modern bathroom hardware is an exciting part of the process. From the classic appeal of traditional hardware finishes to more modern styles, the choices are practically endless. Bathroom hardware includes drawer pulls, towel bars, doorknobs, and utility hooks, and are easy to coordinate with existing hardware and light fixtures. If you want to match your hardware to existing fixtures and décor, consider the style of the modern vanity lighting in your bathroom, and be sure to choose hardware that mimics the overall style and finish of your lighting.

If you are planning your bathroom décor, think about the style of the space. For example, if your bathroom is dominated by traditional details, look for gold or bronze bathroom hardware. For a minimalist or ultramodern bathroom, opt for fixtures, accessories, and hardware with linear silhouettes and sleek metallic finishes. Chrome bathroom hardware and black bathroom hardware works particularly well in ultramodern spaces as well as stainless steel or neutrals like black or off-white.

Choosing the right hardware for your bathroom also means coordinating with modern bathroom accessories. Trash bins, soap dispensers, tissue holders, and shower bars can be easily coordinated with bathroom hardware and help create a professionally designed look. Try to keep a consistent aesthetic by matching the finish on your bathroom hardware to the finishes on bathroom lighting and accessories.

Choosing The Best Bathroom Hardware

Finding the right hardware for your specific bathroom depends on your personal aesthetics and bathroom needs. Once you've decided whether you prefer sleek metallic looks or you're adoring the vibrancy of the colorful hardware in this assortment, your next step is to determine exactly what you need. Is it towel holders to keep things organized? A place to store rolls of toilet paper? Or a shelf to put your decorative accents on display for visitors of your home? You'll also want to be considerate of the size of the hardware you choose to make sure you're adding just the right products to the space. For any use case, you're guaranteed to find the hardware you need here. If you have any questions about the bathroom hardware featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Hardware is just one piece of completely decorating a bathroom. You may also want to view the bathroom lighting category for a variety of stylish ways to ensure illumination is plentiful in the room. From horizontal or vertical sconces flanking the bathroom mirror to wet and damp rated ceiling fixtures, a mix of new lighting is always welcomed. And if you need a bit of color to highlight your floors, look to the collection of rugs to introduce to the room. Lastly, if you love the look of this hardware, you may also appreciate the style of outdoor hardware you can add to your front porch or patio.