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What to Keep in Mind When Buying Nightstands + Bedside Tables

When it comes to a well-designed bedroom, a modern nightstand is a must-have to help round out the decor. For functional and highly-useful storage of reading glasses, books and other bedside essentials or as an eye-catching piece of contemporary design, any of these nightstands are guaranteed to add a lot of character. Offered in a variety of styles ranging from rustic wood nightstands to color-popping options that stand out among any bedroom decor, there's a nightstand here you'll love adding to your room.

Where Nightstands Work Best

Nightstands and bedside tables find their home in the bedroom where they are found acting as part of the supporting cast of furniture in the area. Most contemporary nightstands offer a streamlined look with one or two drawers for storage and a tabletop for your bedside lamp, current reading material and other items. But a nightstand offers much more than just its primary function of storage. These nightstand tables are made with great design in mind and are meant to stand out as a piece of furniture you will enjoy showing off. And when paired with a similarly styled clothing dresser or credenza, you'll be pleasantly satisfied with a well-rounded bedroom.

A Nightstand For Every Style

Styles of nightstands are wide-ranging, including those inspired by the middle of the century to rustic wood designs and tables made to fit an industrial aesthetic. From black or white nightstand tables to those bursting with vibrant color, there's an option perfectly suited for your room's decor. Look to Gus Modern for an elegantly designed nightstand inspired by the furniture of the 1950s. Calligaris' assortment of modern dressers and nightstands allows you to redecorate your room with one consistent look and you'll love the high-quality craftsmanship found in Calligaris furniture. For a bit of color, turn to Kartell's selection of nightstands in the Ghost collection of furniture. Lastly, complement any natural tones in your room with a wood nightstand from Copeland Furniture.

Choosing the Best Nightstand or Bedside Table

As accent furniture that won't be the focal point of the room, choosing a nightstand is relatively easy. First, identify the style you need for the room. If the room is filled with modern lighting and decor, opt for a clean-lined nightstand. Or, choose a wooden bedside table to accommodate any wood tones present in the area. You'll also need to consider the size of the table. Do you need one drawer, two drawers or more? Depending on how much you plan to store in the nightstand, you may require a larger table. Remember to keep an eye out for height, width and depth dimensions in your selection. For redecorating your bedroom in one fell swoop, find nightstands and bed tables that are part of a bigger furniture family also including bed frames, dressers and chests.

Other Considerations

A nightstand is just one component of your bedroom furniture arrangement. The room also benefits from a clothing dresser, credenza, media cabinet, lounge chair or rocking chair and possibly a bench. And if you need to refresh where you sleep, consider a new bed frame too. Modern bed frames and platforms offer unmatched comfort and style you'll enjoy pairing with any of the nightstands found in this assortment. Finally, with a mix of well-chosen furniture in place, consider upgrading your lighting with a few bedroom lamps. Bedside table lamps offer bright and focused task lighting while a pair floor lamps in the corner of the room provide a spread of ambient illumination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nightstands

How tall should a nightstand be?

The nightstand should be the same height as the mattress, or 1-2 inches taller.

How do I choose the right size nightstand for my bedroom?

Measure the dimensions of the room and the bed to determine the ideal height, width and depth for the nightstand. The nightstand should be no taller than 2 inches above the mattress, and the depth and width should allow for easy maneuverability throughout the room.

What are the different styles and designs of nightstands available?

Nightstands come in a variety of styles and designs. Some styles include mid-century modern, Craftsman, Art Deco and Bohemian. Nightstands are most commonly rectangular, although they can also be square or round shaped.

What are the key features to consider when selecting a nightstand?

Besides the dimensions, a nightstand should fit the needs of the user. Consider how many drawers (if any) are needed, the possibility of shelving as well as modern features such as built-in USB charging ports.

How many nightstands do I need for my bedroom?

The number of nightstands will depend on the needs of the room; however 1-2 nightstands (one per occupant) are most common.

What are some functional and convenient features to look for in a nightstand?

Each nightstand will have different features. Some may have shelving for displayed objects, while others can have drawers for clothing or other items. There may also be charging ports or electrical outlets built-in to the nightstand or if the nightstand has legs, there may be space underneath for storage.

Are there any considerations for electrical outlets or charging stations in a nightstand?

Some nightstands include electrical outlets and charging ports such as USB for a range of devices, including an accent lamp, a portable lamp or a smart phone.