Carl Hansen

The Carl Hansen Story

In 1908, Carl Hansen founded his Danish furniture company based on the premise that high-quality craftsmanship and efficient mass production could work well together. And he was right. With an efficient mode of production in place, the company really hit its stride once it started collaborating with a relatively unknown Danish architect, Hans J. Wegner, in the late 1940s (through the 1960s). The Danish Modern designs conceived by Wegner have proven so consistently popular that Carl Hansen & Son continues to make them today.

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Why We Love Carl Hansen Furniture

The Carl Hansen & Son motto is "Passionate Craftsmanship." Part of this is revealed in reverence for the original Danish Modern designs, while another part is respect for the wood and other materials. Yet another part is the simple pride that comes from the handcrafting of fine furniture. Such design passion and regard for materials is evident in every piece that Carl Hansen produces. These are throughtfully made pieces, ones that will be cherished and happily passed down from generation to generation.

Fun Facts About Carl Hansen

Back in the late 1940s, the paper cord Hans J. Wegner decided to use in so many of his dining and lounge chair designs was unheard of in the furniture world. However, paper cord's use as a wartime substitute for other types of rope, textiles and wood proved its strength and, at least for Wegner, its design possibilities.

Noteworthy Products from Carl Hansen

The most recognizable design in the Carl Hansen catalogue has to be the Wishbone Chair. The CH24 Wishbone Chair was first designed by Wegner in 1949, and has been produced by Carl Hansen & Son ever since. This Danish Modern classic is distinguished by its tough yet comfortable woven paper cord seat and Y-shaped back (which inspired the chair's name). And the CH07 Lounge Chair was originally designed in 1963 and has since made its reappearance through Carl Hansen.

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Carl Hansen