1. Arch dweLED Indoor/Outdoor
    Wall Sconce

    Versatile and attractively curvy, the Arch dweLED Wall Sconce mounts vertically or horizontally, indoors or out. The LED light source peeks out from under the arch, reflecting off the metallic finish and washing walls with warm ambient light.

  2. Rondelle dweLED Wall Sconce

    Practical lighting with a delicately stylish profile. Perfect as a bathroom wall light, and it can also be installed among eclectic contemporary or period-style décor. Mount as an uplight or downlight for varied lighting effects.

  3. Steampunk dweLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Nautical meets modern with the Steampunk dweLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce. Its richly finished aluminum hardware is shaped around a mouth-blown, hammered glass shade that scatters pretty patterns over surfaces.
    Arch dweLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

A Q&A with WAC Lighting's President, Shelley Wald.

Arch dweLED Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce

What is behind the name dweLED?
The name is "dweLED by WAC Lighting" pronounced dwell-E-D. It's a play on the familiar LED to be a reference for LED lighting products used for common residential and commercial lighting needs.

What market segment does WAC hope to approach with the dweLED line?
Mid-upscale homes with transitional home décor, multifamily high-rise development or assisted living residences. The dweLED collection has options to meet both indoor and outdoor LED lighting needs.

What is the design and production process like for dweLED products?
Nostalgic design elements, beautiful and visually interesting hardware with quality finishes and substantial illumination. Products are generally 2700K to accentuate the warmer wood tones of design materials used in the space.

What are some of your favorite sources for inspiration/creativity?
Collectible antiques. Our new Rondelle series of bath uses solid glass shades that emulate the old electrical insulators found on poles. With our new high-power point source LEDs and custom 360 degree illumination optics we designed, this nostalgic piece is sure to win points for cleverness amongst people who appreciate the authenticity in design.

Rondelle dweLED Wall Sconce

What is important to you about using LED technology in lighting?
Make it light beautifully to enhance what people may be accustomed to. LED also helps make the fixture unique, something no one else is doing the same way with the technology available today. Make it affordable so that more people can appreciate the values we are designing for.

What are some trends you are seeing in the lighting industry today? People are still dabbling in LED, while the majority of the marketplace is filled with incandescents.

Do you have a favorite fixture in the dweLED collection?
Steampunk is a futuristic-industrial take on a nostalgic nautical design. Cleverly designed solid casted hardware and seeded glass give it a hint of something fantastical like it walked out of a movie.