The Artkalia Story

In 2008, Artkalia was founded to create energy efficient lighting that is also beautifully designed...and accessible to as many people as possible. Through the Artkalia lighting brand, that vision was realized. A team of engineers and designers collaborated to develop playful, durable forms out of polyethylene, as well as specialty charging bases to power the patented color-changing LED modules within. Today, the line of Artkalia LED lighting is incredibly versatile, including a wide range of portable indoor and outdoor LED accessories and furniture.

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Why We Love Artkalia LED Lighting

Artkalia's combined focus on good design, energy efficiency and accessibility has resulted in lighting everyone can appreciate. The LED technology Artkalia has developed is state of the art, lasting up to 50,000 hours even while being continually adjusted through a variety of mood-enhancing colors and lighting effects. The finished lighting fixtures are available in a variety of friendly, contemporary shapes and can be used indoors or out. These lights are so well-constructed that Artkalia even suggests letting them float in a pool.

Fun Facts About Artkalia

Many of Artkalia's pieces can double as portable lighting or accent furniture. When used near the pool or on the patio, these fixtures give your outdoor furniture a unique personality your guests will love.

Noteworthy Products from Artkalia

Indoors or out, the Trippodia LED Stool functions as both a pleasant ambient light source as well as a convenient extra seat or side table. Smaller, but similarly playful, is the Eggy LED light, which provides changeable tabletop mood lighting ranging from peaceful to festive.

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