The Fermob Story

Since 1953, Fermob has made its line of cheerful, quality outdoor furniture in Thoissey, France, just outside Lyon. They seek to promote the "Outdoor Lounge" way of life by designing outdoor furniture that enhances its environment while also encouraging outdoor lounging and relaxation. They use top-grade steel or aluminum to craft sleek contemporary outdoor dining furniture as well as more ornate, whimsical pieces of outdoor lounge furniture modeled on classic forms.

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Fermob's craftsmanship, style and rainbow of colors have made them the outdoor furniture of choice for high-profile locales throughout the U.S., including Times Square, Harvard University and both Google and Apple headquarters.

Why We Love Fermob Furniture

With a wide range of styles and colors, Fermob furniture brings real joie de vivre to outdoor living. It draws you outside to sit back, relax and enjoy nature. But that's just one part of the Fermob appeal. As Fermob creates furniture that resides outdoors, it's no wonder that protecting and preserving the outdoor environment is a top priority. Each piece of modern outdoor furniture that Fermob makes is recycled and completely recyclable, from the metal frames to the powder-coat finishes and even their PVC-coated polyester outdoor technical fabric (OTF). Nature's been good to Fermob, so Fermob is good to nature.

A Fun Fact About Fermob

Folding tables and chairs were originally developed in France at the end of the 19th century. Lightweight and easy to store, this furniture was a godsend for flourishing sidewalk bistros and for other food vendors who didn't want to pay a tax for a fixed terrace space.

Noteworthy Products by Fermob

The Fermob Luxembourg collection was inspired by the classic green chairs that have been scattered throughout the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris since the 1930s. Fermob offers the collection in all 24 of their stock colors, made in lightweight aluminum rather than the original steel. The contemporary styled Costa collection pairs a streamlined aluminum frame with Fermob's signature OTF, which is airy and translucent yet durable.

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