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Well Lights & In-Ground Lights

44 Results
  • Landscape Lighting LED 3" Inground Light
    $23395 - $25195
  • Hardy Island Well Light
  • Landscape Lighting LED 2" Inground Light
    $16395 - $17995
  • Landscape Lighting LED 1" Inground Light
  • Landscape Lighting 120V LED 3" Inground Light
  • Hardy Island Directional Well Light
  • Landscape Lighting Color Changing LED 3" Inground Light
  • Square 32194 LED Outdoor Well Light
  • Symmetrical LED In-Ground Floodlight - 77010
  • Flat Top LED Well Light
    Color Temperature
  • LED 2-Inch 12V Round Directional Indicator Light
  • Ego Recessed Square Outdoor LED Floor Light
    3 Size Options
    $22000 - $56500
  • Round 32189 LED Outdoor Well Light
  • 5100 In-Ground Well Light
  • Hardy Island Grill Top Well Light
  • Hardy Island Eyebrow Well Light
  • Flat Top Well Light
  • Flat Top LED Well Light
    $19900 - $23400
  • SL20 Outdoor LED Well Light
    $15860 - $17107
  • Landscape Lighting LED 2" Bi-Directional Inground Light
  • Shielded LED Well Light
    Color Temperature
  • Shielded Well Light
  • Grill Top Well Light
  • Shallow Round 32191 LED Outdoor Well Light

Learn More About Well Lights

Why We Love Well Lights

Add a dramatic touch to the exterior of your home with well lights. Well lighting allows you to illuminate the exterior of your house with an elegant glow through light fixtures buried in strategic places. Whether that means dramatic uplighting for your favorite backyard tree or soft and ambient illumination in shrubbery is up to you, but you'll love the extra bit of accent light these fixtures provide. In-ground landscape lighting also enhances the look of your home and gardens, particularly at night when the lighting effects enjoy the most contrast.

In-ground lights offer a unique approach to the lighting effects of your home. Most people have already covered their homes' needs as far as entryway lighting, ceiling lighting and other day-to-day necessities. Well lights offer more of a special effect type of lighting to transform the ordinary look of a home's dark silhouette at night to a more stately and sophisticated look. Well lighting offers great versatility in that you can install as few or as many lights as you wish in order to reach your desired effects. Besides adding a beautiful touch to your home's appearance, well lights are typically durable and constructed with great care to render them sustainable against the elements.

Where Well Lights & Ground Lighting Works Best

Many people like to install well lights where they will be most noticeable in the evening hours. In particular, the front facade of the home benefits a great deal from properly installed well lighting. Well lights can be useful in illuminating various garden shrubs and landscaping accents, as well as spotlighting unique features of the home. In-ground lights may also give a pretty appearance as path lighting for your property or estate. Flank your formal walkway or your driveway with well lights for an ever-welcoming effect that will also complement any existing post lights.

Landscape Well Lights for Every Style

Depending on your needs, you can find outdoor ground lighting for a variety of uses. In-ground lights and underwater lights are two styles that allow you to add a dramatic effect to your home or property. Designers like WAC and Bega make this style of landscape fixture to suit just about any backyard. Well lights may have an open face or a grated appearance and different styles of these lights may feature a special finish like antique bronze or stainless steel. Be sure to check out Kichler for a variety of attractive finishes you can use in your outdoor space. Functioning as spotlights, well lights also require cable and wire connectors that will be buried prior to use and you may want to check out the landscape lighting parts category. And if you prefer energy efficiency in your landscaping, be sure to see the assortment of LED well lights available.

How to Choose the Best Well Lights

Knowing which areas you want to illuminate will greatly aid you in your choice of well lights for your home. You should consider the brightness of the light itself as well as the size and how that correlates to the effect you want to create on your home's exterior or the nearby landscaping. In addition to spotlighting your home, underwater well lights can be especially useful in illuminating a fountain, pond or boating area. The effects of these underwater lights seem magical with the gently moving water and the fish swimming nearby. Lastly, consider how your well lights will play into the entire decorative theme of your backyard, from other types of landscape light fixtures to the furniture you have on the patio. If you have any questions about the well lights and in-ground fixtures feature here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Now that you've discovered how to add a dramatic effect to your home's exterior and your property at night, you should make sure the rest of your outdoor lighting enhances rather than detracts from the overall effect. Consider adding outdoor wall sconces where your well lights are out of range and give a little thought to step lights for safety purposes. Sconces work well flanking the doorway going to the backyard or make a warm welcome with a wall light on either side of the front door. Outdoor floor and table lamps also provide a great benefit to your home's outdoor living spaces, allowing you to extend the usable hours for enjoyment in your own patio, pool, deck or yard. And pair your well lights with additional well-chosen landscape lighting to bring your backyard's aesthetic full-circle.

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