BEGA Lighting

The BEGA Lighting Story

BEGA Lighting, founded in 1945, is a family held company based in Menden, Germany. Though they began with just 50 employees in a single factory hall, they have since grown to 1000 employees worldwide. BEGA prides themselves in creating the best lighting technology through rigorous, unrequired, quality checks that expose their fixtures to the inherently harsh conditions of the outdoor environment. As a result, they consistently produce some of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing outdoor and LED fixtures in the world today.

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Why We Love BEGA Outdoor Lighting

BEGA emphasizes practicality in its outdoor and LED lighting designs. In fact, each product family is conceived to satisfy a general or specific lighting task while blending in and complementing all types of architecture, whether old or new. During production, they employ quality preconditions and processes to ensure their fixtures withstand exposure to dirt, atmospheric influences, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Thus, BEGA routinely creates durable, useful outdoor lighting fixtures that remain timeless despite the fluctuating trends of the lighting world.

Fun Facts About BEGA

After World War II, BEGA’s work was considered illegal due to the German deindustrialization policy enacted by occupying Allied Forces. The English military eventually gave them a production permit, and they built their first factory hall. There, they conceived their company name which is still in use today. In the United States, the company is known as BEGA US.

Noteworthy Lighting from BEGA

The exceptionally practical LED Directional Wall Light-2261 can be used for wall washing or direct lighting and is suited for both interior and exterior locations. It also has a sleek, minimalist design that will blend well with the surrounding environment.

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