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Outdoor Lamps for the Home

Modern, fresh design gives the outdoor hangout a punch of character and makes the patio or porch stand out from the crowd. These contemporary outdoor table lamps and floor lamps make a space fashion-forward professional without eliminating any of Mother Nature's playful edge. Whether used for a little extra lighting on the patio or a stationary fixture on the front porch, these outdoor lamps carry a lot of decorative character.

Where Outdoor Lamps Work Best

Outdoor lighting isn't restricted to just the landscape and wall beside the front door. Today's outdoor floor lamps make a strong impression at outdoor dinner parties when used on the deck or patio. Whether during a casual gathering or a formal occasion, a few modern outdoor lamps make the space inviting and ensure ample lighting throughout the night. The shapes and functionality of these patio lamps encourage friends and family to linger long after the evening meal has been served. Outdoor table lamps offer the friendly familiarity of living room lighting without being forced to stay indoors, working well with outdoor furniture pieces, sitting atop dining tables and accent tables. The portable nature of these outdoor floor and table lamps also make them ideal options for re-arranging and re-decorating the patio at a moments notice.

Outdoor Lamp Ideas for Every Style

In addition to the convenience of their portability, this collection of lamps can appeal to numerous exterior design styles. From traditional outdoor aesthetics to patios with the most modern furniture pieces on them, an outdoor lamp can bring an unexpected element to the space. Contemporary decks and patios benefit from the floor and table lamps by Kartell. These Italian-made lamps are meant to stand out and complement other features of the home's exterior. Fatboy offers a playful collection of lamps, inspired by Thomas Edison. For a splash of personality, consider the shapes from Vondom and if energy efficiency is preferred, look to the LED outdoor lamps from Smart & Green.

How to Choose the Best Exterior Lamps

When selecting a new floor lamp for an outdoor living area, the first thing that needs to be determined is its size. Floor and table lamps are offered in a variety of sizes: short and tall, with and without lamp shades and with or without adjustable arms, to name a few. Once the size of the lamp is known for the deck or patio, begin refining choices by the functions of the lamp such as if its a plug-in or an outdoor battery-powered lamp, its color, its finish, its brightness and other important design elements. Also verify the lamp is UL listed with a damp or wet rating, making it safe for outdoor use.

Other Considerations

Modern outdoor furniture offers a strong foundation to outdoor parties, night or day, and serves as staple design pieces of the space. Check out the complete offering of patio furniture to find lounge chairs, sofas, tables and more to complete the home's exterior design and provide a comfortable place to relax. Also complement these portable lamps with other outdoor lighting fixtures too. Outdoor sconces mount to the wall adjacent to the front or back door and provide plenty of illumination for the deck, while landscape lighting fixtures brighten up the yard and provide a much-needed existence of safety light in arborous areas. Lastly, keep a cool breeze fresh on the deck, patio or covered gazebo with an outdoor ceiling fan.

Outdoor Lamps Buying Guide:

What are the different types of Outdoor Lamps?

Outdoor lamps come in various types, each designed to serve a specific purpose or cater to a particular aesthetic. Some common types include:

  • Pathway Lights: Illuminate walkways and pathways.

  • Wall Lamps: Attached to exterior walls, commonly used at entryways.
  • Post Lamps or Lanterns: Mounted on posts, often found at the beginning of driveways or garden gates.
  • Hanging or Pendant Lamps: Suspended from porches or overhangs.
  • Landscape Spotlights: Highlight specific features in a garden, like statues or plants.
  • Deck and Step Lights: Illuminate steps and deck areas for safety.
  • String Lights: Decorative lights often used for patios or parties.

Styles: How many styles are there for outdoor lamps?

The styles for outdoor lamps are numerous, encompassing a wide range of aesthetics and designs. Some common styles include:

  • Contemporary: Modern designs with clean lines.
  • Traditional: Often features classic lantern-like designs.
  • Rustic: Incorporates natural materials and a rugged look.
  • Industrial: Features a utilitarian and bold design, often with metal finishes.
  • Nautical: Inspired by the sea, using design elements like ropes, anchors and maritime colors.
  • Tropical: Uses elements like bamboo, thatch and warm colors.

Efficiency: Are outdoor lamps energy efficient?

Yes, many modern outdoor lamps are designed to be energy-efficient. LED outdoor lamps, in particular, are especially popular due to their longevity and lower energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Additionally, solar-powered outdoor lamps have become increasingly prevalent, storing energy during the day to power the lamps at night, further enhancing energy efficiency.

Sizes: What sizes do outdoor lamps come in?

Outdoor lamps come in various sizes, from small pathway lights only a few inches tall to large post lamps that can be several feet in height. The size often corresponds to the lamp's purpose. For instance, a wall lamp for an entryway might have a height of 10 to 20 inches, while a post lantern could range from 5 to 7 feet when mounted on a post.

Wattage: What are the typical wattages for outdoor lamps?

The wattage for outdoor lamps varies based on the type and purpose of the light. For example:

  • Pathway Lights: Typically 1W to 20W (LED equivalents).
  • Wall, Post and Hanging Lamps: Range from 40W to 100W (for incandescent bulbs) or 5W to 20W (for LED equivalents).
  • Spotlights: Might range from 20W to 50W.
  • Wattage will also depend on the lamp's specific design and the desired brightness level. LED lights offer similar brightness to incandescent bulbs with much lower wattage, making them a more energy-efficient choice.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What type of outdoor lighting is best?

The best type of outdoor lighting depends on specific needs and the purpose the lamp will serve. To illuminate a pathway, pathway lights or bollard lights are ideal. For highlighting specific features in the garden, spotlights or floodlights would be best. For general ambient lighting in outdoor spaces, wall lamps, post lamps or string lights can be great choices.

How do I choose an outdoor lamp?

When choosing an outdoor lamp, there are several factors to consider. Determine what the lighting is needed for (safety, ambiance, task lighting, etc.). Consider where the lamp will be placed and ensure it's suitable for that environment such as wet or damp ratings for outdoor areas that can be exposed to water. If energy efficiency is a concern, opt for LED or solar-powered lamps for long-lasting and energy-saving options. It is also important to determine the size of the lamp needed, making sure it is proportionate to the space provided.

What is the best type of lighting for a covered porch?

For a covered porch, pendant lights, flush mounts or recessed lighting can be ideal. Ceiling fans with integrated lights can also be a functional and aesthetic choice. Wall sconces on either side of doorways can enhance visibility and add a decorative touch.

How many lumens should an outdoor lamp have?

The lumens needed for an outdoor lamp depend on its purpose. Pathway lights typically need 100-200 lumens, while porch or patio lights can use 100-500 lumens. Floodlights or spotlights will need 700-1500 lumens for home use but can increase for larger areas. Garden or landscape lights will need 50-300 lumens, depending on the space.

How do I choose a style of outdoor lamp?

When selecting a style, match home aesthetics to ensure the style complements the architecture and design of the home. Determine the purpose of the lamp. A more decorative lamp might be ideal for a patio, while a more utilitarian style might be best for a garage area. Also consider the material. For example, bronze or brass lamps might offer a classic touch, while modern homes might benefit from steel or glass designs. In coastal areas, lamps resistant to saltwater corrosion might be beneficial. In snowy areas, durable and weatherproof lamps are essential.

Are soft white or daylight bulbs better for outdoor lamps?

It largely depends on the desired ambiance. Soft white bulbs create a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere, which is perfect for patios, decks and relaxation areas. Daylight bulbs emit a brighter, more vibrant light, which can be better for security purposes or task lighting, like near a grill or outdoor kitchen.