Smart & Green

The Smart & Green Story

Smart & Green was founded in 2008 to create LED lighting that could go anywhere--or as they call it, "nomad lighting." In order to produce the cordless and energy efficient lighting they wanted, Smart & Green developed its own state-of-the-art LEDs and recharging technology. Then, to make such fixtures durable, waterproof, and as uniquely shaped and vibrant as possible, they devised specialty techniques for roto-molding tough translucent polyethylene. All Smart & Green lighting can be used indoors or out, and many can actually be floated in water.

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Why We Love Smart & Green Lighting

The name of the company concisely explains the technological and environmental philosophy behind all Smart & Green lighting. Smart points to the focus on always using cutting edge techniques and electronics to manufacture, illuminate and control their lamps. Green reveals the company's dedication to making fixtures that are environmentally responsible at all stages: they're made using sustainable materials and use the least amount of energy possible to create their impressive lighting effects. And if the time ever comes to part ways with a Smart & Green lamp, the polyethylene is 100% recyclable, the LED bulbs 90%.

A Fun Fact About Smart & Green

In 2011, Smart & Green launched a participatory design site, LightbyU, to let consumers, businesses and designers work with Smart & Green technology and designers to create custom lighting pieces. A couple of their collaborations have resulted in a glowing Absolut vodka bottle and a bright, bouncy beach ball with the Moet & Chandon champagne logo.

Noteworthy Products From Smart & Green

The portability of Smart & Green lighting is best exemplified by the Vessel LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp. It's a rounded lantern with a retractable wood handle for quick and easy grab and go. Meanwhile, the Zen LED Indoor/Outdoor Lamp shows off some of the more intricate possibilities of roto-molding with a curvaceous tower that resembles a stack of flattened river rocks.

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Smart & Green