EcoSmart Fire

The EcoSmart Fire Story

In 2002, The Fire Company was formed in Alexandria, Australia, a suburb of Sydney. Their goal? To come up with a new, smarter way to heat and enhance indoor and outdoor spaces with fire. In 2004, after thirteen rounds of prototyping, this goal was realized with EcoSmart Fire, a high-end line of freestanding designer fireplaces, inserts, burners and other accessories. Instead of wood or propane, EcoSmart Fire fireplaces revolutionized the market by using bioethanol. This clean-burning fuel and eye-catching modern designs have since earned EcoSmart Fire numerous industry awards.

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Why We Love EcoSmart Fire

There's no denying that bioethanol (or, simply, ethanol) is one cool fuel. It's a renewable energy source made by fermenting the sugar and starch components of plant by-products, usually sugarcane or grains. Instead of smoke, soot and carbon monoxide, the burning of ethanol produces heat, steam and carbon dioxide. So no chimney or flue is required to install an EcoSmart Fire fireplace. Nor is electricity needed, which means they can go pretty much anywhere. And you'll want them everywhere, as the designs of EcoSmart Fire fireplaces are just as cutting edge as the eco-friendly fuel used in them.

A Fun Fact About EcoSmart Fire

In its purest form, ethanol is 100% alcohol. Global regulations dictate that it cannot be sold in this form to prevent human consumption. To work around this, ethanol makers de-nature ethanol with a variety of substances for resale. So the ethanol used to fuel EcoSmart Fire fireplaces is more accurately called denatured ethanol.

Noteworthy Products from EcoSmart Fire

Outside, the Stix Fireplace by Hiroshi Tsunoda is a modern interpretation of a traditional campfire. Here, the "sticks" are actually sleek tubes of stainless steel.

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EcoSmart Fire