Bend Goods

The Bend Goods Story

In his youth, Gaurav Nanda spent many summer vacations in Palm Springs with his family, soaking up the sun and reveling in the area's mid-century modern design and architecture. It was those summers that inspired Nanda most to found Bend Goods, a company focused on creating mid-century modern inspired furniture and home accessories using bent iron wire. Since 2010, Bend has left its mark on that design era with its line of bright, geometric and often quirky metal designs.

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Why We Love Bend Goods Furniture & Accessories

How do they do it? The process by which Bend Goods creates their pieces is just as cool as the finished products. The name of the company gives away at least part of it. They start with galvanized iron wire, which they then shape by hand and spot weld, a process the company refers to simply as "bending." This ensures strength and comfort in every Bend Goods design. Working the metal by hand allows Bend to adapt easily to a variety of patterns and makes the precision of each final piece even more remarkable.

Fun Facts About Bend Goods

If you're in the Los Angeles area, be sure to visit the Bend House. In 2014, Bend purchased a 1920's Spanish style home to create a fun headquarters and, as they put it, "live Bend as a lifestyle." In addition to showing off the full array of Bend products, the company has dedicated itself to a full renovation of the property. The Bend Bungalow has been purchased nearby as a second official Bend Dwelling.

Noteworthy Products from Bend Goods

The Lucy seating family is the Bend Goods' flagship collection. It shows off the company's sophisticated iron bending technique and perfectly embodies its focus on the mid-century modern design aesthetic. For a real fun time around a dining table, you would do well to also include Lucy's best friend, the Ethel Side Chair.

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Bend Goods