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The Innit Designs Story

After moving from Toronto to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, in 2002, Paul Yacht opened a small bookstore/surf shop/bar/outdoor movie theater. Wanting seating for the beach cinema that was easy to clean and had a fun, retro look, Yacht chose locally woven "Acapulco" chairs. After receiving numerous requests for these unique and surprisingly comfortable chairs, Yacht decided to make the chairs himself and export them to the U.S. and Canada. With that, Innit Designs was born.

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In 2011, Yacht moved back up to Toronto, and brought his company with him. Today, all Innit furniture is made in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Why We Love Innit Designs

That's a great chair, innit? Innit Designs chairs are welded and woven for the ultimate in cool comfortable seating. By refining the design and perfecting the manufacturing process, Innit has taken the tried and true, decades-old Acapulco Chair and made it their own. More than that, they expanded on that initial design to create a full line of fun, colorful and subtly exotic mid-century modern outdoor furniture (which is stylish enough to be used indoors as well, by the way).

A Fun Fact About Innit Designs

Legend has it that the original Acapulco chair was designed in Mexico back in the 1950s by an unnamed French tourist who had grown uncomfortably hot sitting on a chair with a solid seat. The materials used then--as today--were vinyl cords woven into a seat around a pear-shaped metal frame. But the history goes back even further than that, as the weaving of the vinyl was inspired by the traditional techniques used by Mayans in the weaving of hammocks.

Noteworthy Products by Innit Designs

While the Acapulco Chair remains the most recognizable piece in the Innit furniture collection, the company played around a bit with that frame to come up with their own signature design. A couple of the results are the perfectly round Innit Chair and Innit Rocker.

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Innit Designs