The hollis+morris Story

Mischa Couvrette, who travelled to Toronto by sail boat on a year-long journey from Guatemala, is the mastermind behind the Canadian-based furniture and lighting company named hollis+morris. Debuting in 2015 out of Toronto, Canada, hollis+morris found its beginnings at ICFF, a notable design furniture and lighting trade show. hollis+morris products found their fame by using handcrafted furniture and lighting pieces that were named after local neighborhoods.

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Why We Love hollis+morris Lighting

The roads, intersections, and neighborhoods of Canada were the inspiration for the products of hollis+morris, it is also where the materials are sourced and the products are crafted. Each piece of furniture and lighting is handcrafted, while offering a mixture of modern and real designs that incorporate hollis+morris’ trademark materials, which are pieces of strong wood and a variety of different materials.

A Fun Fact About hollis+morris

hollis+morris has worked with globally-renowned design firms like Gensler, Studios Architecture, and HOK, while projects with the company have also brought globally-renowned businesses to work with them, like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. The name of the company was based on an intersection in Halifax, where the start of design for the company occurred.

Noteworthy Products From hollis+morris

Jazz up a space with geometric shapes and influences of nature. The Hexagon LED series features a minimalistic approach to lighting a room. LED lights offer an environmentally-friendly way to add light and style to a space. With the option of either pendants or wall sconces in a variety of sizes and finishes, the customization for wall art is nearly limitless. Another LED option, the Rise Wall Sconce features mixed media offered in various metal and wood finishes. When lit, the shape is reminiscent of crescent moons, giving a natural sense to a modern piece.

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