The Nomon Story

From the modernist-inspired city of Barcelona, Nomon creates innovative modern clocks and furniture with a luxurious aesthetic. Designer José María Reina belongs to a generation that brought Barcelona to the forefront of industrial design. His work in furniture and jewelry design fused together to create clocks that are more than just timepieces; Says Reina: "It is our goal to give the clock back its prestige and distinction as a decorative element."

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Why We Love Nomon Products

High-quality craftsmanship, exquisite materials and the Barcelona design pedigree put Nomon clocks and furniture in a higher echelon of luxury design studios. The sleek, minimalist aesthetic that suffuses the entire line with elegance also focuses the beholder on each piece’s functionality. The result is an uninterrupted experience with each product, whether admiring the piece as a focal point or just checking the time. With their latest additions of home furniture and furnishings, Nomon imparts the same luxury and utility we love about their clocks into uncommonly beautiful, handcrafted items for everyday use.

A Fun Fact About Nomon

Designer José María Reina has long considered clocks as jewelry for the home; items of furniture that mark the passing of time. Of his choice of materials, he said, “whatever material, as unusual as it may appear to be, has the possibility to look exquisite if it is treated with criteria and objectivity at the moment the piece is produced.”

Noteworthy Products From Nomon

One of their best-loved designs, Nomon’s Bilbao Wall Clock is a deceptively simple design that embodies a signature mid-century modern aesthetic. The clock floats on a hook away from the wall, preserving a lightweight, airy feel that complements both vintage and contemporary interiors. And the Peonza Spinning Top recalls a childhood favorite with its sculptural silhouette, designed from natural walnut and ash woods with a mirror on one side to bring home a touch of playful happiness.

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