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7 Results
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Why We Love Unique Toys & Games

Who says you can't play around with good design? These modern toys and games incorporate today's contemporary sense of humor and style, appealing both to the young and young at heart. From modern puzzles to collectible wood figurines and must-have chess sets, these are accessories that will educate as well as entertain. More than that, they are beautiful, finely crafted pieces that are worthy of display when they aren't being used.

Where Toys & Games Work Best

Your first instinct would be to keep toys and games in the kids' room, and you would be right. These toys are beautiful, fun and meant to be enjoyed by children. However, many of them are also decorative design pieces that will be just as appreciated by adults, providing elegant yet whimsical accents on a bookcase, table or desk in the living room or home office. You'll find yourself appreciating them for their stylish design, while also enjoying their playfulness. Aside from the kids' room, living room or office, look for these items to make their presence known in the man cave or gaming room.

Toys & Games For Every Style

These unique toys and game boards have no problem working their way into your preferred decorating style. Modern ping pong tables and foosball tables from RS Barcelona are welcomed in contemporary locations where a fifteen minute break to play a game or two is desired. Once the game is over, feel free to use the table as a flat surface you can transition to a desk or other tabletop. Bring iconic design into your home with a kids' toy from the Eames collection, made available today by Vitra. And if it's a plush toy you can play with and then catch a nap on, turn to any of the fun products from Fatboy. Lastly, browse the complete Alessi assortment for personality-packed items your kids -and the kid in you- will love.

Choosing The Best Toys & Games

Whether you're shopping for yourself or you're in search of a gift for friends and family, you're bound to find an eye-catching option here. If you're searching for a bigger toy, such as a ping pong table or foosball table, be sure to properly measure to identify the right height, width and depth your space can accommodate. Another important consideration with any decorative accessory you choose to add to your home is its color and finish. You'll want to find the colors that best blend into your existing palette to easily introduce them into your home decor. If you have any questions about the toys and games featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Continue to spread the playful character of these items throughout the rest of your home with kids ceiling lights and ceiling fans for kids. Much like the personality found among these modern toys and games, you'll enjoy adding a splash of color and fun shapes to your otherwise dull ceilings. And be sure to take a look at the Gift Guide to find more items like these games and toys. You'll find gift ideas for just about everyone ranging from the Dapper Don in your life to the Lovely Lady by your side, as well as gifts for wine lovers, tea lovers, coffee lovers and those who enjoy entertaining for friends.