Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Why We Love Semi-Flushmounts

Neither too long nor too short, semi-flush ceiling lights are just right. Semi-flush ceiling light fixtures are the unsung heroes of low ceiling-oriented lighting designs. Semi-flush mount lighting fixtures have a compact size that makes them suitable for spaces with low ceilings, but with a little extra oomph in the ceiling canopy they hang from. Just this few inches of suspension from the ceiling canopy is functional as well as aesthetic, resulting in ambient uplight or downlight depending on the shape and size of the fixture. Semi-flush lighting designs most often include drum-shaped or bowl-shaped shades, but there are still many that break away from that convention with sculptural, sparkling style.

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Flushmounts vs. Semi-Flushmounts: What's the Difference?

To the average eye, there is not much of a difference between a semi-flush mounted light fixture and a standard flushmount. Although both compact in size and installed close to the base of the ceiling, you'll notice that a semi-flush fixture provides 3 to 4 inches of clearance between the fixture itself and the ceiling whereas a standard flushmount is perfectly level with the ceiling. When you need a low profile light and still have just enough height between your floor and ceiling, you'll want to consider a semi-flush ceiling lamp.

Where Semi-Flushmounts Work Best

Semi-flush mount lighting is particularly ideal for providing decorative flair and warm, welcoming interior lighting, especially in foyer areas or the entryway. These low profile lights are also well-suited as focal points for kitchen lighting, for adding light over breakfast nooks or for being the primary source of light in smaller dining rooms. In the bedroom, where a lower ceilings often exist, semi-flush lighting pairs with wall sconces, reading lamps or table lamps to provide ample light coverage in the space. And in the hallway, any of these decorative fixtures will offer the illumination you need without hanging too low from the ceiling. You can install these semi-flush chandeliers outdoors too, just confirm the fixture is wet or damp rated for outdoor locations.

Semi-Flush Ceiling Light Ideas for Every Style

From transitional to ultra-contemporary, this selection of semi-flush lighting fixtures can fit a wide range of interior design styles. In modern spaces, look to the statement-making ceiling lights from Artemide, including the popular Logico collection, the Miconos and the Pirce semi-flush mount. If it is a clean-lined contemporary piece you need, check out the offering from Visual Comfort. Rooms with transitional or traditional decor benefit from the semi-flush mount fixtures by Visual Comfort or Hinkley Lighting. And consider an LED semi-flush ceiling light to find energy efficiency in your lighting. Finally, show off your sense of luxury with crystal semi-flush mount lighting.

How to Choose the Best Semi-Flush Light

From bowls to drums, this assortment of semi-flush ceiling lighting is offered in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes to a work in a variety of interiors. Before choosing just the right light for your space, take a look at these common questions.

How do I measure for the right size semi-flush ceiling light?

Where you plan to install your ceiling fixture will determine its correct sizing. Knowing that you are choosing a fixture meant for areas with low ceilings, you'll want to double check the exact height you have between your floor and ceiling. Standard dimensions range between 6 and 8-feet, but it's best to measure for your exact size requirements. Once you have sizing dimensions in mind, you'll want to consider which shape is best for your ceiling - square, round, rectangular, drum, etc.

What is the best light bulb to use with a semi-flushmount?

While these fixtures are able to use various light sources, we prefer the use of LED. LED lights provide significant cost savings, rarely have to be replaced and require very little maintenance. Additionally, you'll find certain fixtures have an integrated LED source, meaning there is no bulb required. And if you prefer the look of an exposed bulb, consider one of the rustic semi-flushmounts using a classic reproduction Edison bulb.

Are semi-flushmounts dimmable?

The short answer is yes, but you will want to double check the product's details. Most modern low profile lighting options offer dimming capable and simply need to be paired with an appropriate dimming switch.

How do I clean my semi-flush light?

Since this style of light will be installed on a relatively low ceiling, all you will need to properly clean it is a step stool and something to dust with. If you are choosing a crystal semi-flush ceiling light, just remember to be extra careful when polishing the crystal details.

If you have any additional questions about the semi-flush mount lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If you have sufficient ceiling space to work with, you may actually prefer a pendant light instead of a close-to-ceiling light. Conversely, if your ceiling to floor height is too small to accommodate a semi-flush mount fixture, you will want to check out the section of flush mount lighting or recessed can lights. Last but not least, check out the available low profile ceiling fans with lights if you need a close-to-ceiling light fixture that is also capable of moving air in the room.

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