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Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting Is Practical & Stylish

Architectural lighting is designed to be a highly functional style of lighting in spaces where light fixtures are needed to serve a fundamental purpose, such as providing focused downlight or accenting certain areas of a room. Often thought of as a practical type of lighting, these recessed, track and monorail fixtures are not usually given credit for their decorative character and ability to add undeniable style to a home's design. With the proper combination of architectural lighting and chandeliers, pendants or similar awe-inspiring fixtures, your designscape will be one that is modern and sophisticated.

Architectural Lighting for Every Space in Your Home

Architectural light fixtures can be a single light source in a room or they can be used to complement existing ceiling lights and wall lights. Kitchens benefit from track lighting systems by providing focused, task-oriented and adjustable illumination that works well with island lighting and under cabinet lighting systems. Hang a number of mini pendant lights from a monorail lighting system (also known as a flexible track lighting) in place of a traditional linear kitchen island light to bring additional appeal to the room. In the living room, a track or monorail system highlights artwork, photos and display shelves, among other dim areas in the space. Unlike a stand-alone picture light that is mounted to the wall, a track or monorail system allows you to have multiple points of directional light to work with.

Recessed lighting lends itself to many areas of the home including the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and the hallway, as well as the bathroom when used as overhead shower lighting. Recessed light fixtures (often called can lights) are installed inside the ceiling in a specific type of housing, allowing them to be the ideal choice for low profile ceilings where a suspended light fixture is not the best choice. With any mixture of well-chosen recessed, track and monorail lights, you will ensure your space is properly lit for any task.

Our Favorite Brands for Architectural Lighting

Tech Lighting is a favorite for modern track and monorail lighting as its broad selection of fixtures are guaranteed to fit well in contemporary spaces, highlighting other elements of modern decor and accenting your ceilings and walls. You'll find vibrant, colorful track pendants and delicately-designed glassblown shades, as well as complete track or monorail kits to make installation easy. In casual and transitional homes, look to the selection of architectural lighting offered by Juno Lighting. Juno offers everything you need from recessed housings and trims to all of the accessories required by a complete track lighting system. And if you appreciate the energy efficiency of LED and love the characteristics of great design, check out the eye-catching assortment from WAC Lighting.

How to Choose the Best Architectural Light Fixtures

The first thing to determine with an architectural light fixture is its intended purpose. Will the fixture provide ambient overhead illumination or bright and focused task lighting? Adjustable and directional light is provided by a track or monorail fixture, while overhead and accent light is best achieved through well-chosen and well-placed recessed lighting. Once you determine the function of the light, you then need to properly measure the area where the fixture will be installed to best gauge the size you need. Consider dimensions like height, width, length (for track and monorail fixtures) and diameter (for recessed trims). Next, determine what kind of bulb the fixture requires so you can be prepared with the right set of light bulbs. If you have any questions about the architectural styled lighting featured here, please call our experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

Following a similar style as that of track and monorail lighting, cable lighting is a minimalistic and modern way to add ambient or directional lighting to areas of the home including the kitchen, the living room and the hallway. And if you love the low profile nature of recessed lighting, you may also want to see the selection of flush mount lighting. Instead of mounting inside of the ceiling, this style of lighting sits flush with the ceiling or in the case of semi-flushmounts, can extend a few inches from a canopy. Finally, consider setting the mood with your architectural lighting by placing it on a dimmer. Dimmer controls and switches are offered in a number of styles and will pair well with your new track or recessed lighting.