Modern Track Lighting Kits

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Brighten up Your Home with Track Lighting

Track Lights are an easy way to illuminate spaces in modern homes and studios. These lights work well in spaces with both standard and vaulted ceilings. Track light systems are available in various configurations that allow you to have complete creative control. Flexible track lighting can wind and bend in different areas to fit your ceiling, while straight or linear track lighting is best for long hallways or in kitchens where the shape of the ceiling does not change. Most options are adjustable, dimmable, and can provide functional, task and ambient light depending on the room's needs.

Choosing the Best Track Lights

Several factors matter for choosing the best track lighting systems for your home, including flexible or straight types, the power source involved and the fixtures you want to hang from the track. Each type will be primarily powered from the electrical box in the ceiling with line voltage or low voltage, and can also be powered in the middle of a run or at the end. Modern track lighting systems can accommodate different types of track lighting fixtures including mini pendants and directional spotlights. You may prefer only track pendants or only track heads, or you can mix fixtures on your system. You will need to also have the correct parts and accessories to make it work. From rails, adapters and power supplies, having the right components for your application is key. For sloped or vaulted ceiling track lighting, a standoff vault adapter kit is essential for installation.