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2483 Results
  • Ambit Pendant Light
    4 Size Options
    $28500 - $95900
  • PH 5 Mini Pendant Light
    $88600 - $1,19800
  • Castle Pendant Light
    4 Size Options
    $16000 - $64000 $200.00 - $800.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Bola Sphere LED Globe Pendant
    6 Size Options
    $28500 - $62000
  • Here Comes the Sun Pendant Light
    5 Size Options
    $22400 - $1,30400
  • Gregg Pendant Light
    Frame Color
    4 Size Options
    $38000 - $1,16400
  • E27 Mini Pendant Light
  • 14.1 Single Pendant Light
    Glass Color
    $46000 - $54000
  • Navada LED Mini Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $16400 - $19950 $205.00 - $266.00
    Up to 25% Savings Today
  • Helena Mini Pendant
    $4830 - $16800
    Free Gift with Code KUZCO
  • Castle Muse LED Mini Pendant
    $24000 $300.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Melt LED Mini Pendant
  • Cicada Mini Pendant
    15% Savings with Code AVENUE
  • Mina LED Mini Pendant
    $14910 - $16170
    Free Gift with Code KUZCO
  • Taper LED Mini Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $12600 - $16590
    Free Gift with Code KUZCO
  • Fulton Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $1,03900 - $2,18900
  • Caliber LED Indoor & Outdoor Pendant
    Free Gift with Code CUTE
  • Ray Mini Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $33000 - $44700
  • Fulcrum LED Mini Pendant Light
  • Rousseau Pendant
    Glass Color
    3 Size Options
    $36600 - $68200
  • Nodes 1 Light Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $29997 - $36496
  • Larmes Mini Pendant
  • Luma Mini Pendant
  • Crescent Light Mini Pendant

Why We Love Mini Pendants

Mini pendant lights can pack a powerful, artistic punch and add to the overall atmosphere of the home, petite though they may be. Small ceiling pendants showcase your personality and that of the space, glowing in nooks and corners that might not otherwise get much attention. From art glass mini pendant light shades to traditional styles and ultra-contemporary mini pendants, these little guys are often the best way to accessorize the home when it comes to lighting.

Where Mini Pendant Lights Work Best

Mini pendants are great for contributing to your kitchen lighting scheme. Mini pendant lights for the kitchen can be used around the food service/preparation area or suspended for . Where you might typically find a kitchen island being illuminated from one source of light, mini pendants allow you to achieve the same lighting effect from multiple points of light. Small ceiling lights provide an extra dash of downlighting while creating a color splash with their varied hues. Mini pendant lamps' focused pool of light is also beneficial for over a work of art displayed on a dining room table or a buffet table and you'll find a cluster of mini pendants in the entryway can create a warm welcome for friends and family. Many of the mini pendant light fixtures featured in this collection are part of a larger collection as well, so it is easy to create a whole lighting design scheme with other pieces from the same brand or product family.

Mini Pendant Lighting Ideas for Every Style

This collection of small pendant lighting spans a wide variety of interior design styles. From traditional mini pendant designs to fit homes with classic decor to contemporary and modern mini pendants that are guaranteed to establish a decorative presence in any space, you'll find the mini ceiling light you need here. Look to the mini pendant lighting from Tech Lighting or SONNEMAN Lighting for a variety of contemporary options that work well in both residential and commercial locations. For rooms with transitional decor, you'll like the offering from Besa Lighting and consider a mini pendant from Hubbardton Forge to fit a wrought iron lighting theme.

Mini lantern pendant lights appeal to an outdoorsy aesthetic, allowing you to bring the decor of your front porch into the home. You'll especially appreciate the quality found in lantern pendant styles by Troy Lighting or Sea Gull Lighting. Accomplish a rugged aesthetic in any of your rooms with industrial mini pendants. You may even appreciate the heavy-duty look found in Maxim Lighting's concrete shade pendants. Crystal mini pendant lamps guarantee an elegant and luxurious look (especially appreciated in the kitchen) and find long-term energy savings by choosing a set of LED mini pendant lights.

How to Choose the Best Mini Pendants

When it comes to choosing the best set of mini pendants for your home, you have several options in front of you. Follow these quick steps to help ensure you are making the best choice.

  • Decide where to install mini pendants.

    This step is the easiest and the most critical. Before you can properly choose a set of mini pendants, you need to decide where you want them installed. Are mini pendants needed to highlight something in the living room? Do you plan to use them over a kitchen island? Or are you replacing a traditional table lamp with a pair of pendants? Once you can answer this question, move on to choosing the best sizes.

  • Find the color or finish to match your decor.

    Choosing the color and finish that compliments your decor and style is half the fun when selecting mini pendants. Mini pendants - almost by definition - are a stylish choice and thus, there are countless variations and options in the colors and finishes that are available.

  • What sizes of mini pendants are best?

    This next step depends entirely on your application. While most of the light fixtures found here are rather small, you'll need to carefully select the right sizes for your install. In most cases, you'll be picking out a set of pendants rather than a single fixture. Be mindful of common sizing dimensions like height, diameter, width and how far the fixture will suspend from the base of the ceiling. If you're installing mini pendants over a kitchen island or bar (very common), be extra careful of how far the fixtures will hang.

  • What are my installation options?

    These petite pendant lights can either be installed into single canopy, a multi-point canopy or as part of a track system. Track lighting systems allow for multiple pendants, as well as directional heads and provide a substantial amount of task lighting. For kitchen and living room installs, consider placing these pendants on a track system.

  • How much light can I expect from mini pendants?

    Look to the on the fixture identify just how bright you can expect it to be. Additionally, you'll want to decide which light source is best for your application. While LED emits a bright amount of light and will provide you with energy savings over time, your application may be better suited with traditional incandescent or halogen light sources. You'll also want to consider a to control the exact amount of illumination you want in a given room.

  • Can I use mini pendants outdoors?

    For exterior kitchens and dining areas, mini pendants can be a great option. You will just want to check the on the fixture to verify it is safe for outdoor use in damp or wet locations.

If you have any questions about the mini pendant lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Instead of using mini pendant lights for the kitchen island, you may enjoy the same light coverage provided by a linear suspension light. Linear suspensions offer a similar amount of light output as a grouping of mini pendants do, but only has one light source opposed to many. You may also enjoy the look and feel of a multi-pendant light fixture. Similar to the light output provided by a cluster of mini pendants, multi-light pendants offer a substantial amount of light and can easily take the place of a traditional chandelier. Lastly, with any ceiling lighting you choose, layer the amount of light in a room by using wall sconces and modern table lamps.

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