Lee Broom

The Lee Broom Story

Lee Broom was born to be an artist. But born to do what? Well...almost anything. And everything. A member of the Royal Shakespeare Company at 16, Broom entered - and won - a fashion design competition judged by the iconic Brit designer Vivienne Westwood. At 17. During college, Broom then transitioned into interior design, and it was his burgeoning (and award-winning) work on bar and restaurant makeovers that eventually paved the way for the launch of his debut furniture collection in 2007.

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Since 2010, he's been collecting British Design Awards on a regular basis, including recognition in 2011 as Designer of the Year and a 2012 nod for his Crystal Bulb, a contemporary reframing of traditional cut crystal craftsmanship.

Why We Love Lee Broom Lighting

Loyalty to the homeland. He once noted that he admired Westwood for her ability to reference Britain’s past without getting stuck in it, a statement with which he clearly identifies. Whether he’s modernly updating his traditionally hand-cut Crystal Bulb fixtures with energy-efficient or debuting his first furniture collection with lacquered, hand-carved mahogany pieces embellished with neon lights, traditional boundaries are recognized and acknowledged, but then typically stepped over.

Fun Facts About Lee Broom

In 2013, Broom hung out his retail shingle in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London’s East End. Repurposing an old furniture electroplating factory (that once saw Corbusier sofas cycling in and out of the space), the newly dubbed Electra House playfully preserves Broom's designs - including his furniture pieces - under dramatically-scaled bell jars.

Noteworthy Lighting from Lee Broom

Delicately handblown and decoratively hand-cut, the Lee Broom Crystal Bulb Pendant extends and elevates a centuries old tradition of cut crystal craftsmanship. The bulb - winner of a 2012 British Design Award - features a hand-carved vintage-inspired pattern that echoes those found on whiskey glasses and decanters of yore.

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Lee Broom